Another major project was launched in Samobor, which is a continuation of the construction of a fecal sewer system in the Jelenščak settlement. The value of the project is estimated at 6.654.000 kuna, of which 85% of funds (4.525.000 kn) is secured from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union, 5% will separate Croatian Waters and 10% Drainage Samobor doo

radovi_jelenscak_1"With the renovation of the Trebež landfill, it is one of the largest projects in the City of Samobor funded from European funds", he stressed at the opening of works 29. July Deputy Mayor of the City of Samobor Željko Stanec.

Along with him, the opening director was Samobor Krešimir Jelić and deputy county governor Rudolf Vujević.

radovi_jelenscak_3Director Jelic said that the works will take until the end of December this year and that this will be a complete sewage system for the Jelenščak settlement, and is foreseen for 2020. connecting the entire system to a new collector. "The continuation of the system development in Jelenšćac was realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water and the City of Samobor acquired the right to finance the works in less than three months, while the very course of spatial planning documentation, solving property and legal affairs and technical parameters six months, "Jelić said.

Željko Stanec stressed that the project is important for citizens as well as environmental protection, as it will protect the underground in the area with drinking water sources. He said that the City of Samobor means a lot of co-financing from European funds, because up to now their value exceeds 10 million, and the City of Samobor could hardly finance it from its own budget alone. In addition to this, there is primarily a project for the repair of Trebež waste disposal site, worth 70 million, said Deputy Mayor of the City of Samobor Željko Stanec.

In the first phase of the system of fecal sewer system in the settlement Jelenščak started 2014. year 470 meters of sewerage were built, and in this second phase the construction of 1563 meters of sewerage is in line. The works cover the streets of Jelenščak, Brdovečka, Gaj, Jagodica, Bistrac, III. Flower Village and Milka Trnina Street. Citizens will have the convenience of connecting to the 12 war.