Changes and amendments to the decision on the adoption of the General Urban Plan (GUP) Sesveta, the president of the Zagreb City Assembly Darinko Kosor, assessed the most important point at today's assembly session because they will finally solve a number of issues important to citizens - entrepreneurs will be able to realize their projects, , the domicile population will receive compensation for their property.

Kosor told the press conference that, at the proposal of the HSLS-HSS Club, City Administration to 31. December 2016. had to redeem from the public all parcels reserved for public use - for the construction of kindergartens, parks and other public facilities. "If not, then they need to return these parcels so that citizens can dispose of their property - build houses or sell land. For the 100 family in Sesvete, this is more important than any "overcoming" at the session of the City Assembly, "Kosor said.

He recalled that he had been proposing for five years and delayed the adoption of amendments to GUP Sesveta, and that the investment activities will now be stimulated and that the legalization will be largely attempted.

"We have chosen to find a solution for citizens who could not dispose of their private property together. The HDZ-HSP AS-BUZ Club and the mayor have been supported by us, as hundreds of families are waiting for the 20-30 years, "he added.

Nenad Matić (HSS) has compared the situation so far to the restaurant where the place is reserved but does not come to dinner.

"It's as if in a restaurant at the 10 table you book five and you do not come. This happens to the people who live there and inherit the land that the City has reserved, and nothing builds or builds school, but 500 meters away, "Matic said.

Kosor and Matić expressed the conviction that the GUP of Zagreb will be adopted by the end of the year and emphasized that they would have similar views at that time - that in the area of ​​the City they can not reserve private parcels and at the same time replace urban green areas in construction areas.

"The City of Zagreb should keep its green areas," they said.

Asked how much City money will be allocated for Sesvete citizens' compensation, Kosor replied that this is the job to be taken care of by the City Administration, in the draft budget for 2016.

He estimated that in the last 20 years, the City had in some way disputed private property because, he said, the City Office for Education, Culture and Sports automation always rejected the demands of the citizens for change and their property.

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