The Mayor of Zagreb, on behalf of his party Milan Bandic 365, announced the historic announcement at the beginning of the week, and when the time for the proclamation came, the population lost their time to nothing. Those Croatian citizens who just came out of the cave that day they were caught before the 1945. year, they could find out that II. the world war ended, but the rest probably did not find anything new.

Only the citizens of Zagreb and Croatia could possibly understand from this proclamation, and they did not know it already, is how much Bandic's time invests in preparing their public appearances. But let us neglect for a moment that the sentences sounded as randomly arranged by some, Bandic is right. Indeed, after being very deeply buried by Milan Bandic, it is likely that most citizens can agree that the war era is behind us, that the past goes slowly to the next plan and that new generations are increasingly turning to the future.

There will certainly be a political power that does not like it, but most citizens are disappointed in the politics of the past and are looking for something new. But to return to Bandic, a man who is incompatible. In the statement of the former SDP, Tuđman was mentioned, communion, bipolar disorder ... To the surprise of all those who have heard the announcement, the bipolar disorder has nothing to do with Bandic's mental state, but with the status of the electorate that is still split between the HDZ and the SDP -And.

Bandić sees his space and offers himself as an alternative. Little workmanship, badly bad kaykavis, and a few political partners who, with or without their will, left their former pauses and get candidate for Milan Bandic's prime minister.

But voters have to think well whether they want Croatia in which the prime minister confuses people when they tell a floskula or something banal like we have to stop with life in the past?

Bandic may perhaps unite Croatia, but not as a political actor, but as someone after whose speech all unanimously ask "kaj". But for journalist questions, Bandic did not have time because he (probably only for him) had a clear statement. If I can not tell journalists, how ordinary citizens will get the answer to their "chaos" from a potential prime minister?