Road works

For the purpose of carrying out the works of arranging the pavements and sidewalks on Haulikova Street and the southern abyss of King P. Svačić Square, for all traffic will be closed Haulikova Street and the east and west side of King P. Svačić Square from Tuesday 16. 08. 2016. from 07,00 hours to Tuesday 23. 08. 2016. year to 05,00 hours.

The offshore course during the above mentioned works will be:

  • Mihanovićeva - Gajeva - Hebrangova - P. Preradovićeva - Baruna Trenka Street

  • P. Preradović - Barra Trenka Street - King Tomislav Square - Mihanovićeva Street - I. Gundulića - J. Žerjavića - Trg kralja P. Svačića - Kumičićeva - Miramarska cesta

During the aforementioned works, the traffic will take place, according to the temporary regulation.