Dalje.com continues on its own because neither voters nor politicians show intentions to change.

And in these elections we will remain neutral, but we will invite you to make your preferential voice compulsory for a woman. Any woman from the list you ever thought to vote for.

That is why we will only have female candidates from the election lists in this campaign, as we did in the past campaign.

And if there is no female candidate in any electoral list, then we can not imagine any reason why such a list of elections is ever going to be considered and why would you have such a list at all.

There is too little women in Croatian politics. In the last elections, leading political parties were even prepared and paid only to keep them on the list.

This is not because politicians are not interested or because there are not enough political parties that are the two most often prejudiced.

These choices were at our speed, because after the foregoing they wanted to make their "list" with the 151 woman who was politically passionate, socially and party-enthusiastic, respected in their community and business - nevertheless they were never on the lists of their parties.

Of course, that list would not run for me. We just planned to publish a bunch of biographies and publicly discuss: Why are they overwhelmed?

We already know enough of them and we have already asked them a lot. Their answer is the same for everyone. "We do not want to pray or stumble."

Those little women who have been in Croatia's politics and have tried it have, in fact, proved.

In the past campaign we had a bit of a fight with Libel colleagues because we defended Ive Kvakić's right to use the metaphor to "have the balls".

We still think that Iva Kvakić can talk anything he wants, but after we have heard about the theme of an American comedian, we admit to colleagues how they were right and I'm wrong and how the phrase, no matter how old, widespread and accepted still stupid and illogical.

Because every man knows (and most women - in their sorrow) how the balls or the testicles are not the strongest of them but the most sensitive organ. And the slimmer snakes in them will make every man to blow. They were fighting for them, say, much more durable.

On the other hand, the vagina suffers shock and stretching across the border of pain that a single man would sneer. Bloody to miss a new life.

A new life and a fresh look so much need this beautiful country. We need politicians who are willing to bleed for others. Which will not blow the critique. That is why we invite you to round off the politician you believe to have a vagina between your legs in these elections.