Interview with Mirn Šitum's healthcare chief we worked in two parts, and in this second section he speaks of his war journey, growing up, scientific career, and how he ended up as the HDZ champion on Milan Bandic's list.

How did a young doctor and director of emergency aid become a volunteer for the Homeland War?

I have had several conversations with Mr General Jelić, Commander 4. a brigade who had only one physician at the time but could not accept that a civilized and polished person would go to war on the front line of the battlefield. He was so oppressed that I had to ask some friends to recommend me to him and to convince him that my long-term work on Emergency Help would be useful to our soldiers. And he relaxed. I went with 4. guard brigade as a professional soldier-officer on the Drniš battlefield and further on all terrain to Prevlaka, everywhere where the brigade was. That was the most beautiful and most important period of my life. And there are always links to that time and life in him, especially when I meet war friends or in touching moments like the Military Mimohod in Zagreb and the Storm Storm in Knin.

You were wounded in the war?

I was shocked by the consequences of shelling in Gaćelezama above Sibenik and recovered afterwards, but the consequences are always there.

How did this happen?

As a result of one of the thousands of grenades falling for us for days and weeks. Since I had covered a large area of ​​responsibility with my sanitary tincture and was always on the front line from where I pulled the wounded, so it was to be expected that one grenade would be mine. Practically in front of the health itself. But it was hard to expect that in such a bloody war that has been imposed on us, something that does not happen to any of us. Whoever went to war had to be aware that it was part of that risk. I do not like to talk a lot about it because it would be for everyone of us who were the most direct participant to be part of the personal past we will always carry in ourselves, but with pride and in a self-confident way.

But have you written a war novel with many warfare experiences?

Yes, I have written a collection of my true war stories called Orange and dead fish in which telling medical and human stories, passing through my battlefields and giving personal reviews of war and man in it, all in a prosaic way. And by the end of the year, I will publish another collection of novels that are permeated by war and personal themes from a different perspective.

How are you and the novel to write yet?

Well, it relieves me. Of course, I prefer to write professional and scientific literature and I always write something. I saw that you had quoted my old resume from the homepage of the HAZU so I can give you newer information. I have written more than 560 works, of which 10 is an independent book and more than 40 chapters in other books. Writing is my passion, primarily, as I have already said, professional literature, but I would love to have more time and more literary lyrical preferences to put on paper.

When did you enroll in college and you were bilingual between medicine and literature?

Yes I am. Somehow I am more inclined to social sciences so I have been receptive to literature and philosophy. But as a large part of my high school gymnast's friends went to medicine, I went with them. I thought I would always be able to write or paint something. Today I am happy to do so. I am sure that anyone who has a special interest in social sciences and well-versed medicine can confirm that medicine is pure humanistic science. It does not only study the human body, it will only help you if you have a holistic approach to his body, a psyche, to him as a person. A doctor who does not observe his patient and his psyche and his spirit, which I believe there is in every one, can not be fully treated or completely cured. I approach this to all my patients. Around man is always intertwined because it is interwoven and made of the finest threads. Since I am deeply devoted to everything I do, so even when Mr Bandic invited me to his list to see it as a challenge and opportunity for another form of socially useful work, and not as my political engagement. Never, and I do not believe anyone else, Mr. Milan Bandic did not ask, although he probably knew a lot about us all, where we politically belong. It is also the size of a person who wants to surround himself with people who represent something and somebody by themselves at the moment, by their own efforts and through their education, not by some political character or affiliation.

And the HDZ did not bother you when you found it on his list. Did you go against their list yet?

I would not say that because I never went against anyone, even when I was on the list of Mr. Bandic. I have never been politically active, at one time, since joining the HDZ, and through life I have never mentioned my link with any political party anywhere, not because I would be libyling, but because it is my personal thing , which I did not need through my life, nor did I progress in my career by citing or referring to her in the biography. I thought this should not be the way to personal progress and that it was a private matter of man. When I decided to join the list of Bandic in HDZ I did not have any engagement, I did not participate in any party activity so I did not consider anyone except my family to ask for opinion and permission. I, in other words, for making personal decisions, I never go to anyone for any permission or anywhere I go to ask how I will think and how to act. When I went to war, I did not ask anybody for permission, let alone in my mind go somewhere in my own mind! My decision was very simple. As when I decided to leave the Homeland War for all my life, so at this time, as a fully realized person, I decided in a new way to try to do something good for the community I live in, and Bandic gave me a chance.

But is the fact that the HDZ, and the SDP, have the rule and the custom to exclude their members who run on their competitive lists?

It could have happened. Or it happened. But I do not know anything about it, nor did anybody tell me that I did any kind of crime or caused the party to do so. Believe me that I would not have considered such a threat. Nobody can throw me out of the historical, emotional and spiritual determinants I belong to. And everything else that form would not hit me. But we can also look at things on the other, completely prosaic and human side. If the HDZ thought I was a respectable and valuable member, why did not I invite them to be on their list?

And what if they call you to be on their national list now?

These are delicate questions. I was put at the disposal of Mr. Milan Bandic, or citizens of the City of Zagreb, in the City of Zagreb. And I'm grateful for that opportunity. Trusting my job, I work as if I were to die tomorrow, without delay until the last moment. I feel deeply respectful of Mr. Bandic, who has enabled me to become a polygon for my further professional and social affirmation. Such an opportunity is a great honor that provides a new chance in the life of a radiant man. Today you have a lot of selfish people who in everything they do see themselves. Personally, I have a lot of freedom of work and decision-making, I have a great team of associates because no one is a human being.

When it comes to the national level, they can only be seen in the context of a Christian Democratic option, with all the wish of Mr. Mayor, that with his party, which still has different principles, succeeds in the desired. And I'm sure he will. But if we talk about the political context, I belong to the Christian Democratic option.