Zagreb City Council on Thursday voted for a majority of votes on the Zagreb City Borrowing for 190 million, which will be used for social and commercial infrastructure, a loan of five years, with an interest rate of 2,7.

Lending is supported by 26 agents, and that is the absolute majority needed to make a credit decision.

Independent advocate Sandra Švaljek showed his political consistency in that vote because it was her hand that 26. She could vote against or simply leave the hall during the vote and so much to bite the life of mayor Milan Bandić, because without this borrowing, the city administration could hardly carry out all the projects she planned.

However, as she drafted and defended the budget for this year in which the debt was planned, she secured her voice to complete this budget.

"This is the operationalization of this year's budget," said Head of the City Finance Office Slavko Kojić. He added that the debt remained at the same level as in previous years, and recalled that long-term borrowings may only be for capital investment. It would be, he said, a five-year loan, with an interest rate of 2,7.

Vice-President of the Assembly Andrija Mikulić (HDZ) said that they have let the millions get secured in this year's budget, and that they will wait for the next year for the realization of projects or who knows what. "Everything is foreseen, and nothing is realized," he said.

Here are some examples of which including the "Jabuka" kindergarten in Donja Dubrava where 1,9 million kuna was provided for solving property rights and building upgrades.

"Well, what will be dealt with here when it comes to upgrading within a kindergarten yard, not about a new plot," Mikulić asked. It is similar to the primary schools of Antun Mihanović and Granešina where 200.000 kuna and 1,5 million are secured for the halls and are not realized, he added.

Mikulic also raised the question of what was done with the Elementary School Čulinec where three million kuna was secured, and 30 years blocked the plot and that with the parking in the center of Dubrava. He argued that "MPs see it all and can not agree to such work".

Tomislav Stojak (HNS) assessed that borrowing was a solution of the City Administration after rejection of the rebalance. "Is it responsible to the citizens," he added, adding that city representatives can not blame for projects that the city administration did not realize.

He said that he does not want to be a guarantor for the loan. "Give up the project and tell the citizens: we did not succeed," he said.

Vice President of the Assembly Jelena Pavičić Vukićević (Milan Bandic's List) has reported to MPs who criticized the borrowing that if something in Zagreb was working fine, then it was just kindergarten and kindergarten. And so it will be further, she added.

(Hina, TG)