The City Assembly on Thursday, with the 32 for and 11 restrained changes to the decision on the adoption of the General Urban Planning Plan (GUP) of Sesvete, which encourages investment, resolves the issue of legalization and opens up the possibility of redeeming parcels destined for public use or the return of parcels to 31. December 2016. so that citizens can dispose of their property - build houses or sell land.

The head of the City Institute for Physical Planning Ivica Fanjek said that the project Badel was especially important in the construction of GUP Sesveta, in order to activate this zone, stream construction and natural extension of the center of Sesveta, and the site of the Sljeme factory where, along with economic facilities , were both social and public purposes.

"The center of Sesvete was not realized, there is no public purpose, so the Sljeme zone has been activated to take over that role," he added.

Fanjek states that the construction of a commercial and service center was enabled and that the construction zone coefficient increased in the part of the economic zone.

SDP was absent during the vote and Vice President of the Assembly Davor Bernardi explained why.

"The most important thing is to solve the problems of the people, and there is at least this in the GUP," said Bernardić, saying that citizens of Sesveta must be able to legalize real estate, sell their land, get a water supply and sewage connection.

He stressed that he should be in solidarity with the residents, not with those who are doing some investment in housing, where green areas are being converted into housing.

"Who is it to do?" He asked.

President of Zagreb City Assembly Darinko Kosor emphasized that changes to GUP Sesveta and citizens and investors have been waiting for years.

You should make it easier for people to review the corridors again and see if they can be allowed legalization. Second, it is going to meet investors to realize the projects because there are cranes in the city, and the third is that the domiciled population, the Prigorci, will provide compensation for their property, Kosor said.

The city administration would have 31. December 2016. had to redeem all the parcels reserved for public use - for the construction of kindergartens, schools, parks and other public buildings. "If not, then they need to return these parcels so that citizens can dispose of their property," Kosor said.

Vice President of the Assembly of Jelena Pavičić Vukićević (M. Bandic List) believes that the adoption of GUP Sesveta will improve the quality of life and economic image, but SDP points out that it is the promises of the parliamentary elections without calculating how much money is needed for redemption land or compensation to citizens.