Sandi Kulić Makar threw tires on the car. She is the mayor of Velika Gorica's mayor's office, but also a candidate in the HDZ list in the second constituency.

In the same unit where the current deputy HDZ president Milijan Brkić is in the last place, he can only reach the parliament if he wins more than 10 percent of the preferential votes of his list. This unit will decide the political career of Milijan Brkić, but also determine the future direction of the HDZ.

Brkić is on this list the biggest competitor in winning the preferential votes Zlatko Hasanbegović, from which excessive shelling of the left made the biggest star of the right, and Ivana Maletić, who lists in the second constituency and wears. Although Maletić is one of Brkić's most affluent allies, he will hardly be able to answer his sympathizers to better round up Brkić, whose voices need more than that which the Parliament enters safely (if he wants to return to the European Parliament at all).

Behind Maletić is on the list Andrija Mikulić, President of the Zagreb HDZ and President of the City Assembly of Zagreb, another of the Brnik's associates. The third is Zlatko Hasanbegović, who personally does not run for a preferential voice, but does not even need it when a fierce and fierce attack is pushed by the left. His first place is preferentially guaranteed, but he goes into the Sabor without that. He remained completely loyal to Karamarki and certainly will not help Brkić, but Mikulic wants.

However, as Mikulic tried to help Brkić win the preferential vote, he would have to pay attention to the number of votes he would have to make, so he must not be much worse than the other HDZ's aspiring aspirations.

Sanda Kulić Makar competed for this place at the same time. In that short period when the HDZ in Zagreb fell in love with democracy.

Makul Kulić competed in a high degree of pregnancy and two voices were missing to the second election round. Probably just because of this pregnancy (because as one of the most influential delegates spoke to her company more loudly: "She is perhaps the best candidate but how will Bandic win when she will have to breastfeed?").

Although the race ended third, Sanda Kulić Makar was a moral winner this evening. After counting voices, something horrible happened rarely in Croatian politics. While members of the staff of the other losers of these elections were running to congratulate the winner Anti Zvonimir Golem, the immense number of sympathizers Sande Kulić Makar surrounded her by the chairs. Twenty people were silent in silence, silent, intending to impress them even though they looked sadder than she was.

These were mostly people from HDZ Dubrava who were Makar Kulić and three times before they were chosen to lead them to Dubrava.

Like Sanda, these are all longtime HDZ members you never heard or heard of because they have an awkward habit of turning their backs to friends and associates when they lose. Such rarely come to the HDZ and SDP election lists.

Although each of them separately, as well as Sanda Kulić Makar, has more party function in HDZ than Brkić, Hasanbegović and Maletić together.

Mostly, that scene was pointed out by Anto Zvonimir Golem who left his congregation, grabbed a chair, sat down next to Sande and hugged her - though only half an hour ago they were rivals.

He also proposed it for the secretary of the HDZ in Zagreb. At that place, she remained faithful to her when Karamarko and Brkic told her to choose.

She deliberately chose democracy and her hatred. For it was obvious that Karamarko and Brkic, who were "left over" to Zagreb, did not have a mind on the mind. He did not like Golema coming out of the HDZ, but Sanda Kulić Makar was removed from all functions because he did not want to sign a letter saying "Golem creates a bad atmosphere in the party". He was cut off in all possible ways to be a delegate at the lowest levels if he accidentally came back to where he ran. She became a non-grateful person.

Because of the HDZ and everything that has been there in the past few years, silence has slipped out, but it did not come out. Or from the masochism or because of all the years the party has devoted to, who will know it.

Brkic took choices in Zagreb, where virtually only one would have to compete. Or one for each bigger function. If there were any enthusiasts who believed that more candidates could be elected in each election, soon they would be uncomfortable with their party colleagues.

When the HDZs did not choose a man who would be Brkić willing, their current would be excluded. Literally. Thus, at Črnomerc, where he was a member and Andrej Plenković, he abandoned every possibility of his friend becoming president.

When he announced the candidacy for the president of the HDZ in Zagreb on their last in-party elections, the renowned transplant surgeon Pavo Kostopec complained to reporters that he had terrible pressures to quit and how uncomfortable pressures were experienced and everyone in the party who supported him in that direction. He said that he was going to be able to look after all the flattery and the statuses of social networks and then "intervene" accordingly. In the end he did not run.

Ivan Ćelić, secretary of the HDZ in Zagreb, received the most preferential votes from Andrija Mikulić in recent parliamentary elections. And he speculated for him to be able to run. But as the doctor does not transplant the organs, but analyzes his head, he has not even run. So he survived his own operation.

Brkic has introduced the HDZ into a coalition with Bandic. And inadvertently to himself and he created great election problems. Because Bandic and Brkic count on the votes of the defenders. Now they will have to divide them. And so one might even stop at the door of the House.

Every voice is important to Brikic. Plenkovic put him, accidentally or intentionally, into the worst possible unit. Two of her most talented associates will not want some voices to be taken. And the question is how much it will bring them. Especially Mikulic, who will have to think about Makul's body more and more about himself.

She's a threat to him as big as Brkić. If he wins much more preferential votes than Mikulic, his candidacy for the top of the HDZ in Zagreb will again be updated.

Makul Kulić could only be found on the list with the will and desire of Andreja Plenković. They certainly did not suggest it from the Zagreb headquarters. The race for preferential voice is not alone. Many HDZ supporters are unsatisfied with Brkić's supervision and Mikulić's boss in Zagreb. Particularly dissatisfied with the coalition with Milan Bandić (which would be interesting to hear Plenković's long-term reflection).

Sanda Kulić Makar is more visible and present day by day, which also suggests that his battle is not led alone.

So 24 was the hour when her tire was stained by the story of Sandi Kulić Makar, who had saved a horse from disease. This story perhaps best depicts how Makul Kulić differs from Brkić even though they love them the same.

Namely, Brkić was also previously photographed in a newspaper with a horse but a trophy he had not paid for.

They both love horses as they love HDZ. Only they love them differently and they want things differently. One discipline, the other choice.

And HDZ voters will decide on this. Whoever knows what reasons the party still loves and votes for it.

The second constituency will eventually have the ability to do what their leadership has prevented them from doing. Ivana Maletić leads a list of men helping Milan Brkić to continue members of the HDZ in the party army. Sanda Kulić Makar does not like commands. On that list is the least known and most defenseless. And again it gives the choice to members and voters to declare what HDZ wants.

Let them in their preferential voice say whether they want to be represented by men who buy horses or women who heal.

And if anyone is interested in those tire from the beginning of the text, we are afraid we will never find out who has driven them. But no matter how hard we try to take into consideration all the possibilities, we can not force ourselves to suspect Anku Mrak Taritaš. Although it also competes heavily for each preferential voice in the Second.