By the decision of the City Assembly, the proposal was approved that mothers educators pay financial aid in the amount of one average salary in the Republic of Croatia (about 5500 kuna net) and working time during child care. The proposal was accepted with 29 votes for.

"The City of Zagreb has four problems. White plague, white plague, white plague, white plague. If need be, I'll get it back. What will the faculties do if the children are not born in them, "Bandic said, adding that this is the only way to improve the demographic picture of Croatia.

Mother-educator is considered to be a person with three children living in her household. Also, representatives of the HDZ Club, HSP AS and BUZ have introduced amendments that govern who is exactly the "mother of the educator".

Other conditions can be read in the official conclusion of the City Assembly:

13 Conclusion on Reading on Amendments