With the long-lasting applause of numerous audiences and with the sharing of confirmation and thanksgiving, the fourth edition of the International Summer Ballet Seminar was completed last night in Sutivan on the island of Brac with an excellent ballet performance.

FB_IMG_1470569235563Traditionally, at the closing performance, the participants showed a part of what they learned from ballet experts at a two-week workshop. Young ballet dancers and ballet dancers from 20 from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belgium and the United States evaluate their sustenance experience as invaluable and unforgettable. In addition to new knowledge and skills, new friends also gained, and after hard training there was time for joint trips, enjoying the beautiful sutivan beaches as well as for evening outings.

FB_IMG_1470569254957The classical ballet program, with the strict morning and afternoon training regime, led national ballet champion Almira Osmanović which emphasizes how wonderful it is to work with young talented and ambitious people. As a mantra this year repeats that it can always be better to announce, to be convinced already at the fifth edition of the Seminar, which was included in the calendar of European Ballet Schools.

For character dances, this year he was in charge of Jewgen Zakhracenko is an experienced professor at the Berlin Ballet Academy, and as part of a professional team, as in previous years, he also participated in Ljudmila Šumarova, a teacher of piano and korepetitorica at Zagreb's National Theater in Zagreb.

The leader of the whole project is Renata Skovron, a ballerina with rich experience in Croatia and abroad, and in Brac it is well known as the conductor of dance studio Renata.

The great support for Seminars managers and participants was one-day participation of Ballet Director at Zagreb's CNN Leonard Jacob, who congratulated his colleagues on success and, above all, enthusiasm and announced a stronger personal engagement in the coming period.

As a visiting lecturer, the Seminar also introduced Regina Kaupja is current leader of the International Competition Competition, eminent ballet professor and choreographer.

At the closing ceremony, the organizers gave thanks to everyone who supported the project in any way and specifically the leadership of the Sutivan municipality and the mayor Ranko Blažević who recognized the educational, tourist and also highly professional significance of the Seminar as a value added to existing attitudes.

In response to many inquiries, organizers will also announce watches for recreational enthusiasts for the next year, who want to look to the ballet world with the help of ballet authority.