A lot of exhibitors, restaurants, workshops, tastings, prize games, petition signatures ... All this and much more you can find 2. and 3. September at ZeGeVege Festival.

ZeGeVege Festival, with lots of interesting things, is an opportunity to learn something new about sustainable living and vegan diet. Sustainable living is a way of life that does not harm the environment, animal life, and the welfare of people when using natural resources. Such a way of living in the long run allows the survival of plant and animal species, biodiversity, natural balance and peaceful coexistence of all living beings on the planet.

The ZeGeVege festival is of educational character and it is organized on a non-profit basis by Animal Friends Association. More than a hundred exhibitors, six restaurants, a tent with lectures and workshops, a stage with a full day program, were found in the entire Ban Jelacic Square. Except for a multitude of good vegan foods such as vege cypress, burgers of hemp, goulash, kebabs, raw pies and ice cream, visitors can also try shoes made of non-animal materials and technology of virtual reality.

Numerous lectures can include a nutritionist lecture on veggies in pregnancy and childhood, a lecture on the relationship between ecology and food, and lectures on the relation between veganism and feminism. At the workshops you can find out how to prepare delicious dishes with eggless palaces, raw sweets and the like. Visitors also expect make-up with vegan cosmetics, a prize game, and vegan condoms are shared!

The number of vegetarians and vegans is steadily increasing, so in Croatia there are more than 160 thousands of people who feed so much, and the vast majority of citizens support this growing movement and naturally likes to eat a good vegan meal. As still all public institutions have no secured vegan meal for those who ask for it, visitors can sign a petition and thus become active in respect of human rights.

The ZeGeVege Festival also includes numerous associations whose work is linked to sustainable living, and each visitor receives a free brochure in which the recipes are useful and interesting.

The ZeGeVege festival has received tremendous support from various institutions. At ZeGeVege festival, 2. September at 9 hours, he came Minister of Agriculture Davor Romić welcomed everyone present.

From the other representatives the festival has visited so far Irina Zupan, assistant to the Minister of Environmental Protection and Nature, Jelena Pavičić Vukićević, Vice City of the City of Zagreb, Gordana Duvnjak and Maja Dražić in front of the Croatian Agricultural Agency, Emil Tuk in front of the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry, Marijan Maras, Head of the City Office for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, Sandra Šikić, deputy director of public health, Maja Filipović, secretary of the Committee for Environmental Protection and Nature, Janja Žic in front of the Croatian Chamber of Crafts.

The ZeGeVege festival is held as part of the international festival Veganmania. A list of all workshops and lectures and the program are on www.zegevege.com i Facebook page of ZeGeVege Festival.

The sponsors of the ZeGeVege festival are: President of the Republic of Croatia - Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, City of Zagreb - Mayor Milan Bandić, Croatian Parliament - Environment and Nature Protection Committee, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature, City Office for Agriculture and Forestry and Educational Institution for Public Health "Dr. Andrija Štampar ".

Supported this year's ZeGeVege festival: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, Croatian Public Health Institute, Milan Bandic's Mayor's Office, City Office for Health, Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Croatian Chamber of Economy - Sector for Tourism, The City Office for Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Croatian Agricultural Agency, the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry, the City Office for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development and the Zagreb Tourist Board.

General Sponsor 9. ZeGeVege Festival:
Spar Croatia (Veggie Spar).

Sponsor exhibitor 9. ZeGeVege Festival:
bio & bio store.

Exhibitors of 9. ZeGeVege Festival:
Green Point, Sana Delikatese, Dm-drogerie markt (dmBio, Alverde), Planetopija, OPG Silvia Miklec, Krezubi crocodile, Konoplja & Co., Ver Vita / Zdrawi kutak, Labud, Spar Croatia, POSTIRA Agricultural Cooperative, BiLoLada, Danica Stošič, Organica Vita, Gavita, Talon vert, Nutrimedica, AWT International, OPG Kalić Zvonimir, BioROOT, Healthy Food Factory, Art of Juice, Free From, Nature and Society, OPG Željko Iličić, OPG Klobučar, Makam Naturkost, Eco Hiža, OPG Ivana Rožić, Vegehop, Greencajg / Luckily Green, Vege & Good / Happiness Factory, Ayurveda Planet, Emmi-pet / Emmi Ultrasonic, Eco-Ethnic Association Terra Magnifica, Wooden Corner, Green Action, OPG Čižmek Ljubica, OPG Branko Čegec, Slovenian Vegan Society, Freedom of Animals, Biodar, Loving Hut Ljubljana Center, Gabriele International Foundation, Animal Voice, Noble Media, Lifeenergy, Annapurna, Vestigium Association, Bokun, OPG Ira Branilović, Eco OPG Anto Jurić, Vegetarian, OPG Franjo Finta, Bruna natürlich Eis, Veteran Cooperative ARKA NAŠA (Natural Cosmetics Qala, Natural Enzymes, Oraščić Raw, B & I Delicatessen, I Love Spit, Alpinosi , OPG Veselic, OPG Lovro Lenac, Bormax, "Ivica and Željka" / OPG Željka Rospacher, First In The Raw - Nut Bars, OPG Kralj, OPG Marija Mudrić, Eco Corner, Melli Aromatica, Raw Food, Food Harmony (Harmoni Program), OPG Janković, OPG Dora Dujmović, Urtekram, Nishta Restaurant, I Like Tofu Slovenia / Avokado, OPG Elizabeta Kelečić, Oatly, OPG Orešković, OPG Branko Kovačić, Pobjeda Association, Encian, Alpro, OPG Paulik, Social Cooperative Humana Nova, Sattva Association for Promotion of Ayurveda and Vegetarianism, OPG Cajzler Dragica, OPG Peša Marija, Vege Fino Fast Food Restaurant, OPG Selanac , CannaBio, Mrkvica Association, Sapunoteka, OPG Pereglin Tomislav, Jupiter Project, SMID - Mirjana Strancarić, OPG Brolich, OPG Andreja Petrović, Double Debt and Vegefino, Bicycle Syndicate, Animal Friends and Quarly (Glyde).

Contractors 9. ZeGeVege Festival:
Detour, The Half 9 at Sabe, TransForm Crew, Atomic Dance Factory, Lorena Jelusić & Bruno Jelusić, Juraj Jurlina acoustic, Zumba Fitness by Jelena Diklić, Kim Verson, School of Street Styles, Children's Choir Kikići and Teen Grupa Genijalci, Back to Swing, Vedran Petrak / gong, Mofit, Antonio Bajić (acoustics) and IFEEL.

Lecturers 9. ZeGeVege Festival:
Nikolina Plenar, mag. Nutr. Ivana Šimić, Vesna Sirovina (Melli Aromatica), Vladimir Vlatka Frketić (Makronova), Tatjana Zajec, Jelena Tomašević, Snežana Milovanović (Freedom of Animals), Gordana Dragičević (Parkticipation & Croatia Permaculture), Seminary Collective, Ivana Rukavina and Mislav Skrepnik, Ksenija V. Kutlačić (Koki Refit), Anita Euschen, Ph.D. Lada Čale Feldman, Mihaela Devescov, Tamara Dabic (Makronova), Irena Mikšić, Marina Milkovic, Irina Jurinac (Zdravljak), Vedran Romac and Pobjeda Association.

Sponsors 9. ZeGeVege Festival:
Meridian - media evaluation, VegFund, B1 posters, Fructal, Europlakat, Arto, Cetina, Chillout Hostel Zagreb, Zale, Avalon.

Friends of 9. ZeGeVege Festival:
Inki Dinki, ZVRK - transport Mladen Zenko and Pivnica Pinta.

Media sponsors 9. ZeGeVege Festival:
Turist plus, Znano.st, Medikus, Klokanica, Gastro, Be in, Let's go together Club, 24 hours, Healthy cow, Agricultural TV, Zdrawi Corner, Radio Student, Other TV, Croatia week, Punkufer, Health Center, Atma, naturala. hr, nexus LIGHT, Žena.hr, Radio Sunce, Perun.hr, Where to Eat, Kvarner News, Healthy TV, Food Market, Children's Events, Fashion Challenges, Metro, Go Healthy, Drumtidam, H-alter.org, Fresh .hr, E-Zadar, Scena.hr, Radio Martin.