Ivana Milas Klarić, Ombudswoman, recommended that "Big Brother" show, due to inappropriate children's content, be shipped after the 22 hour, after which the Electronic Media Council reported that "concrete measures" would be decided after the publisher's announcement - the RTL television.

"Related to complaints from Big Brother publisher RTL Hrvatska doo, the Council for Electronic Media at the 9 special session. September decided to ask the publisher for a quick response to the disputed content in the above mentioned shows. At the discovery, they will decide on concrete measures in accordance with the Electronic Media Act, "states in their statement.

They added that they would carry out continuous monitoring of media service providers and that the same procedure would be carried out in the event of a new season of reality program on televisions with a national concession.

The Ombudswoman thinks that the content of 'Big Brother' shows are inappropriate for children, that is, they contain scenes that are likely to undermine the physical, mental or moral development of the juvenile. He also said that he had liked the same for previous releases, and that such content did not rewrite during the day, as well as their announcement that they should be without scenes that could be detrimental to children.

The Ombudswoman warns that parents, if content such as 'Big Brother' is displayed during the day when children are often alone at home, have a difficult influence on the choice of the program.

"The oversight over the implementation of the law on electronic media and the competence to decide on the harmfulness of the content and the concrete measures and sanctions is the Electronic Media Council that independently decides it and we hope to respond appropriately," the Ombudsperson said.