The Croatian basketball team finished the first round of Eurobasket at the Zagreb Arena with the defeat of Georgia with 58-71 (13-14, 15-11, 16-22, 14-24), and Croatian basketball players ended their victories against Slovenia, Macedonia and the Netherlands , and defeats against Greece and Slovenia.

The match against Georgia had been deprived of the result values ​​for Croatia, as our basketball players already knew that they were going to France for the second time as the second team of Group C. On the contrary, victory was needed for placement but against the attacking weak and unmotivated Croatia, they succeeded in their quest, and they suffered a heavy defeat for Croatia. Around six thousand spectators watched the Croatian basketball players whistle after a very feeble game.

Croatia, as in the previous games when it was a favorite against Macedonia and the Netherlands, again had a dumb and cranky start, and the Georgians gave an excellent game in the first half. It was the least number of points in the first half of the Arena. The Georgians received the first quarter with 14-13, but after 20 minutes, however, Croatia has a lead from 28-25. In the third quarter, the Georgians were again better, they got that time with 22-16 and in the last part of the game they entered the 47-44 lead. This leadership not only saved, but significantly increased the great defensive, while Croatia was by no means a game in the attack. Two and a half minutes before the end, the Georgians reached as many as 16 points of advantage (67-51) and Velimir Perasovic's choice could no longer arrive.

Croatia was most efficient with Luka Žorić (16) and Ante Tomic (10), while Georgians were Sanadze (12), Pačuli (12) and Šengelija (11). Croatia will play in Lille in the eighth finals against the Czech Republic or Latvia.