The "Ivan Filipović" choir opens the season with new members. If you are amateur with music and have the ambition to sing the art program, join us on auditions that will be held every Thursday in 19: 30 at the Tito 4 Marshal's Square address.

The choir Ivan Filipović has been working for 18 years and has won several awards in world competitions: two Grand Prix (Verona, Rome), two Golden medals from the Olympics (Bremen, Xiamen), 6 gold plaques at the Croatian competitions .

kzif-covci [Converted]In addition to the competition, KZIF has also achieved remarkably successful and attractive foreign performances. Last year he attended the UN General Assembly in New York on the occasion of marking 70. the anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, and behind us are guesthouses in Israel, Taiwan, France, Turkey, Germany, Italy ...

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