The Hokejas of Medveščak in Zagreb were defeated in the KHL League match after a break-in at Vitasza in Podolsk with 3-4 (1-0, 1-2, 1-1-0-0, 0-1).

After defeating Slovan and Dinamo Moscow, Medveščak eventually managed to take the point of the visiting mini-tour, but Vitjaz could easily win. The champions were led by 1-0 and 3-2, but the players had more in the lead, but winning the lottery was still home to the host.

Andreas Jamtin (5: 23), Tomas Mertl (39: 43) and Gilbert Brule (40: 36) were in the regular session, while for Vitjaz they hit Maksim Afinogen's (31: 04), Vjačeslav Soloduhin (33 : 33) and Teemu Eronen (42: 38). Only Brule was beaten by the Bears, and they missed Saarinen and Smolenak, while Soloduhin and Viglazov were precise with Russians.

Medvescak is now the seventh in the West Conference with 12 points, as well as Vitjaz, Dinamo Moscow and Lokomotiv, and in the West are leading CSKA with 17 points.

The only Croatian KHL club returns to Zagreb after three visits, where Slovan hosts on Monday.