Early parliamentary elections to the Croatian Parliament GONG invites all electorate (electoral committees and other electoral bodies, competent institutions, voters and candidates, political parties and media) to respect the rules of free and fair elections.

GONG reminds that it is strictly forbidden to blackmail and intimidate voters and invites them to be fully informed about the programs of political parties and lists and on that basis decides to vote. When voting, voters should pay attention to using their preference voice by voting for only one list and, within that list, for only one candidate or candidate.

The voters can check their polling station in the voter register. If they have expired or have no residence in Croatia including recent unjustified abandonment from their permanent residence and have not registered for voting in time, they can vote in favor of a receipt that can be obtained on election day. Displaced persons who are unjustifiably expelled from their place of residence should submit a residence permit application as soon as possible to the MUP.

If a voter is unable to access a polling station due to illness or immobilisation, he may ask at least two members of the polling station to visit his home at noon until noon. It is therefore necessary to contact the relevant municipal or municipal election commission, and contact information can be consulted through electoral commissions.

Elections at polling stations abroad last two days, on Saturday, 10. and on Sunday, 11. September

Bureau committees should strictly adhere to the regulations, procedures and instructions of the State Election Commission and should not be allowed to engage in criminal offenses such as, for example, voting in place of other persons.

At the same time, GONG appeals to employers to set their working days on their election day to enable them to go to the polling station.

GONG will not observe polling stations this election day, but other registered observers remind themselves of their rights and responsibilities:

the trader must not list the names of the outgoing voters or agitate for a particular candidate
the trainer should not interfere with the work of the electoral body
- the trader has the right to be present at the work of the electoral commission, to alert the identified irregularities and to request their removal, to give written, reasoned remarks and to request a copy or transcript of the record of the work of the electoral body.

For the organization and conduct of the elections, the State Electoral Commission is responsible for the election of all participants in the elections via 01 (4569) 712 and 01 4569 and e-mail dip@izbori.hr.

GONG will provide informative support to voters during the election day by receiving unusual alerts from citizens about detected irregularities and answering inquiries via gong@gong.hr, 01 4825 444 and Facebook and Twitter profiles.

More detailed information useful to voters is available at www.gong.hr.