At the public invitation of the Zagreb Holding Company for the election of a branch manager in that company, or the director of the Zagreb Gas Company, the Zagreb Gas Supply, the AGM, the Water Supply and Drainage, the Zagreb Plakat, the Zagreb Housing Construction and the Municipal Housing Utility, came in as unofficial he knows in the Holding, about the 550 application.

The Zagreb Holding made this public call by 21. August, and was open until 5. September The call is justified by the statement that Zagreb Holding is continuously working on increasing the quality of its services, rationalizing its business and achieving other goals from the planned business plans, and therefore selects the quality of the experts who will manage the operations of the Zagreb Holding.

President of the Zagreb Holding Holding Ana Stojić Deban Hini, during the session of the Zagreb City Assembly, said that he can not yet say how much the application for the heads of branch offices and directors of the Zagreb Holding companies came in public.

"We are waiting for the technical evaluation procedure to be completed, whether they have come all the way in line with the invitation that was announced, and then we will actually have access to the selection," said Stojić Deban.