Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović said in Sarajevo on Thursday that Croatia will continue to be a honest and loyal friend of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who will help this country, as well as other countries of the region, on its way to the European Union.

"This country deserves and will have a better future. The Republic of Hvatska will on this path be a loyal and honest friend, and I will be a selflessly intransigent advocate, "said the Croatian president at the National Theater at which he received the" Isa-beg Ishaković "prize, awarded to him as a commemoration to promote communion and cooperation between the two countries.

This award from 2005. was awarded by the non-governmental association "Klepsidra" from Sarajevo, founded with the aim of promoting multiethnic values, tolerance and coexistence. Among the winners were former Croatian President Stjepan Mesić and Slovenian Presidents Borut Pahor, Austria Heinz Fischer and Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Member of the jury David Kamhi said at the ceremony that the Croatian Presidents in the award decision were guilty of showing strong determination that BiH and Croatia "as related and related cultures share the future within the community of European cultures and NATO alliances".

"Friendship is more than words, and reward is more than this modest ceremony. In the tradition of our culture, a friend deserves the greatest measure of respect that can be made, "Kamhi said.

Thanks to the award, Grabar-Kitarović acknowledged that he can not withstand the emotions that have been linked to Sarajevo since the student days.

"This Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina have given birth to the formation of my youth, both personal and political," said the Croatian president, adding that the award received with deep respect as a sign of personality but also recognition for Croatia, whose people also built the communion of peoples and the state.

She reminded many of the famous Croatians from BiH.

"Thousands of names speak of Interactive Interaction of Croats from BiH," said Grabar-Kitarović, adding that Croats in BiH still live as in their home state.

"This is a fact that Croatian politics always stands out," said Grabar-Kitarović, explaining that this does not seem to leave them away from Zagreb, rather than to encourage them to survive and stay in the country they historically belong to.

She added that regardless of the present borders in the region it is clear that the future of her states is common within the European Union and NATO.

"BiH and the whole area of ​​South East Europe is too European to be left beyond the EU borders," the Croatian president said, warning at the same time that it is important before formal integration to take steps that will enable the connections between Southeast European states, strive to help with their experience.

She also argues and does not believe in the thesis that the EU is tired of enlargement, as it would mean that she is tired of her own future.

According to Grabar-Kitarović, the appeal of the idea of ​​European communion and the values ​​on which it is based paradoxically confirms the current refugee crisis, because the mass of unhappy people in the EU is seeing salvation and a guarantee of a dignified life.

"That means these people believe in our values," the president said.

In the end, he announced that he would continue to strive for true equality of constituent peoples in BiH, and that country wanted harmonious development, peace and progress.

President Grabar-Kitarović in a three-day working visit to BiH. During the day in Sarajevo, she spoke with BiH Presidency Chairman and Member Dragan Čović and Bakirom Izetbegović, and met separately with the High Archbishop Archbishop Vinkom Puljić and with the High Representative of the International Community in BiH Valentino Inzko.

Stay in BiH Grabar-Kitarović continues on Friday to go to Mostar, while on Saturday he travels to Banja Luka.