Former Justice Minister and HDZ candidate at the parliamentary elections for Croatia Dražen Bošnjaković was part of the campaign in a unique way. Otherwise, a great cycling fan Dražen Bošnjaković spent a few days walking through his bike through his VI. the constituency, and commented on the image of Croatia's work that he had experienced in this voyage. He stressed that he intends to engage in future strategies to improve life not only in cities but also in rural areas.

20160903_163128"I think bike is a good way to get to know the places, cities and people who live there. After driving to my constituency I am full of impressions. On the one hand I am delighted with the landscape and once again I was convinced that our end is one of the most beautiful in Croatia. The other side is bad, some places have halved by the number of inhabitants. There are no young people, everybody goes to bigger cities and because of that our villages are dead. This is one of the biggest problems in the great part of our constituency and we must do everything to prevent it, and the HDZ program offers good measures to address these issues. The big problems in this constituency are certainly the survival of Petrochemical Kutina and Sisak refineries. These questions are key to the lives of people in VI. The Election Unit and can only be solved in a way that the Republic of Croatia firmly and decisively stands behind both companies because they are truly national and strategically important. Agriculture and tourism are key in a large part of the electoral unit and only smart measures for its development will save the village and young people in it, "said Dražen Bošnjaković, adding:" My closest field of action is the judiciary and the legal state in which I proved by leading the Justice Ministry when it was the hardest, in the negotiations for joining the EU. All my knowledge and abilities I plan to focus on strengthening the rule of law and within the same framework for a modern, faster and more effective justice that will benefit all citizens in my VI. The electoral unit as well as all citizens of the Republic of Croatia.