Police Officers of the General Crime Department have completed a criminal investigation of two suspects (41,30) on grounds of suspicion that they have committed one robbery together while the 41-year-old has committed six robberies. It is suspected that they are 2. May 2016. in Zagreb, Maksimirska street entered the office for the purchase of precious metals and, with the threat of a gas gun, unleashed jewelry.

It is also suspected that the 41 annual in July and August of this year in the Trnja, Medveščak and Tresnjevka districts committed six blasts, three of them in the bazaar for the purchase of precious metals, two in the outlets for the sale of technical devices and a robbery in the trade of mixed goods and food, in such a way that he was unharmed, he entered the aforementioned outlets and from the workers with a threatening gas gun he alienated money, jewelery and technical devices. The total material damage amounts to around 86.000 kuna.

After completing the criminal investigation against the suspects, he submitted a special report to the competent State Attorney on a regular basis.

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