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Athletics is a basic sport, which teaches and improves various movements such as walking, jogging, jumping and throwing, necessary for the healthy development of every child.

Know-how and athletic skills in the long run have a positive impact on daily functioning and fast adaptation to any other sport.

Athletic Club Pro Sport he opened the door children of all ages (from 4 to 15 years) who want to deal with athletics and organize a free athletic school for the first three months. The trainings will be held at the Sports Park Mladost, Jarunska Street 5 in Zagreb.

Training will be conducted by trained trainers with the aim of introducing children with athletics and individual approach, which includes testing, tracking progress, and further selection.

What awaits the students of the school particularly meeting with top Croatian athletes and athletes. Surprise guests will showcase the athletic movements to the attendees of the school and inspire them with their sports stories and successes, so that they would one day be an example to others. The term of their arrival is a surprise - so secure your place!
TERMS: Monday / Wednesday / Friday of 9: 00 to 10: 00 and 17: 00 do18: 00 hours.

CONTACT PHONE: 091 2201 041
E-MAIL: info@prosport.hr