On Monday, 15. August 2016. around 19.50 hours in Zagreb, Bruno Bušić, a criminal offense of robbery by an unknown perpetrator with the threat of firearms was committed in the trade.

pljačkaš2Robbery was committed in the way that an unknown perpetrator entered the trade and the employee threatened with firearms and demanded that he be given the money.

It is a man of age about 25 years, height about 170 cm, heavier body material, dressed in a blue short-sleeved shirt with a REGATTA badge and a French flag on the front, black shorts on his head wearing a dark blue cap and sunglasses with blue glasses , wearing a black purse over his shoulder, dressed in black sneakers with blue details and threatening with a firearm.

An unknown male is also linked to the criminal offense of robbery committed by 16. August in the 16.30 class in Zagreb, in Trumbić's store, and was done in a similar way. An unknown man wearing a red short shirt and a hat.

We urge citizens to have information on the identity of an unknown perpetrator to receive an 192 phone number, e-mail zagrebačka@policija.hr or the nearest police station.

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