On the occasion of the Police Day, today, 29. September 2016. Several events took place in the area of ​​Police Administration in Zagreb, so III. the police station organized a visit to the 80 of children from the kindergarten Medo Brundo police station.

The children visited the police station and were presented to them by the police. Police Officers Presented Their Scope - The Official Dog Explosive Service Guide presented work with the official dog, the police officer of the Criminal Offices Department presented his own way of working (imprint), a police officer of the traffic police with an official motorcycle and a police officer of the Prevention Service.

The children saw the equipment and the technique used by the police in their work, and in a way appropriate to their age, through their conversation turned their attention to the need for self-protection behavior.

From 10 to 13 lessons on the school grounds of the elementary school Malešnica, the Fair was held, which is held as part of the preventive program called Together we can do more.

The fair has been traditionally organized for more than ten years in cooperation with City of Zagreb, the City Office for Health, and this year the Fair is also marked by the Police Day. The aim of the event is to involve as many children as part of extracurricular activities, with the primary purpose of preventing the abuse of narcotic drugs and other means of addiction, vandalism, peer violence and other forms of risk behavior, and developing trust between children and the police.

About 500 were attended by about a dozen children from elementary schools in the City of Zagreb, where twenty different sports clubs and associations with various workshops in which children actively participated were presented with police officers.

Likewise tomorrow, 30. September, in Room II. it becomes a traffic police will be carried out an action of voluntary blood donation.