Twelfth International Festival of Experimental Film and Video 25 FPS is officially opened yesterday, 29. September, in KINA SC, thanks to the organizing and selection team of the Sanja Grbin, Marine Kožul and Marija Kozine.

After, in the words of Sanja Grbin, the Festival was left to the audience, the film and the projectionist; the crowd of fans of a different, innovative and experimental film looked at the first of the five seminal Dadaist films from the Ode film program, the Anemic movie by Marcello Duchamp, and the first thematic block of competing films. Among the films shown yesterday in the competition for one of the three equal Grand Prix is ​​the new work by Mark Tadic Moving Elements and B-roll with Andre James, N. Kienitz Wilkins, winner of the Grand Prix at last year's 25 FPS Festival.

Both authors after the screening talked about their work, and the audience ended the evening with a visit to the first of three multi-projector performances by Bruce McClure, the filmmaker of the Grand Prix, gathered under the title "Blinking Costumes".

Although the Festival was officially open to films from the competition, the program started with earlier screenings of Croatian films from the Refleks program, which were presented by the great authors Miranda Herceg (First Winger), Ana Hušman (Nearly nothing), Darko Fritz (New South Zagreb) and Dane Komljen (Everything, still, in orbit, in a relationship with James Lattimer).

Friday at the 25 FPS Festival begins at 16 Hours in China SC where one of three members of the jury, British artist, curator and writer George Clark will showcase the program The Jury is "Movies for the Place" made up of songs from countries where Clark has been or has been shorter over the last few years.

Films have been filmed by authors in the absence of their native country, motivated by new experiences and feelings of nostalgia and alienation: Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Joanna Margaret Paul, Tito & Tita, Chick Strand and Clark himself, who will be presenting their latest movie Eyemo role, .

Following are two program blocks from the competition with Odda Dadi, which are part of the Festival's celebration of the influential artistic direction of Dadaism.

After the performance of Expanded Cinema, Tetraplan, the Slovenian cult filmmaker of OM Production, follows the hommage of a legendary filmmaker, composer, musician and conceptual artist Tony Conrad, who created an exceptional example of the structural film - The Flicker with his filmmaker.

The second part of the festival program, which will occupy the different SC halls on Saturdays and Sundays, brings valuable programs to members of the jury Deborah Stratman - The incoming refrain has been rarely or never shown to works by greats like Werner Herzog, Hollis Frampton, Haruna Farocki, projection of the feature debut All North the cities of the jury of Dane Komotti, the remaining program blocks of the most exciting new films in the competition, and two spectacular multi-projector performances of Bruce McClureys - more meditative in the French Pavilion and Sunday site-specific performance in China SC.

Sunday's festive program is rich and varied - in 15 hours at the MM Center its film magic work in the form of cinema lectures entitled Space between Pictures will be dealt with by Daïchi Saïto, the Japanese author with the Montreal Address to which this is the third appearance at the 25 FPS Festival .

After winning the winner and screening their films on Sunday night at 20 in China SC, the audience will be able to enjoy the luxurious 35-millimeter slip-up projection of the latest Saudi movie Engram return, which will be performed live by Montreal saxophonist Jason Sharp.

After four days in Zagreb, the 25 FPS Festival, part of the program, travels to the Rijeka Art-cinema Croatia where it will host 6. and 7. October.