At the International Day of Elderly People, Zagreb Zrinjevac hosted 13. Gerontological party. The big response of older and younger proof is that the citizens of Zagreb are very socially aware.

The citizens watched with great interest the stalls that Zagreb's homes for the elderly and the infirm. Although officially opened 30. September should be in 12 hours, the Milan Bandic's delay was actually welcome. During the awaiting the mayor, two dance groups of Super Grannys and Atomic dance factory performed an event that was a complete hit among all generations.

After the thunderous applause the dancers got, Bandic said a few introductory words and thanked everyone, especially the elderly, on arrival.

Subsequently, the Gerontological Party continued with the plan and program, the mayor and head of the City Office for Social Protection and Persons with Disabilities Višnja Fortun answered the questions of journalists.

Asked if he could retire, the Mayor responded in his own style. "That is what the dear God decides. If God exhilarates, I will never be retired, "Bandic said.

About the life of the elderly and socially vulnerable in Zagreb, Višnja Fortuna spoke to journalists. "Three thousand kuna a month is some average for a home in Zagreb. When you look at the rest of the country, that number moves, for some, between 4 and 8 thousand, "Fortuna said, adding that he wanted the inspectors of the ministry to go more in control to better protect the users.

"Prices in Zagreb will not change or increase will be minimal. The city of Zagreb will plan funds for people in the home in every budget, as it has done so far, "Fortuna concluded.