The project "Modernization of the Zoological Gardens in Zagreb - the first phase", started in October last year, halfway through the end, works are progressing according to plan, so it is expected that at this time the Zagreb ZOO will be in a new ruin in September 2016. was announced on Friday from ZOO.

The aim of the project is to increase the quality of the tourist offer of Zagreb and the Zoological Garden by building new attractive facilities for animal housing and providing better quality services to visitors. The total value of the project is around 37,8 million, of which even 95 percent, or 35,9 million kuna, is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Over the past eleven months, the project team, according to a statement from Zagreb Zoo, has met a number of preconditions necessary for successful implementation of the project, with the most extensive work done during the preparation and implementation of public procurement procedures.

There were more than 90 percent of the value of works (about 28 million kuna) and services (about 2, 3 million) contracted through 11 public procurement procedures, after which the first construction sites were opened.

So far, it has been said that about 30 percent of the works at the education center have been realized, 30 percent works on a unique center that combines restaurant, rest and sight, 45 percent work on new zoo fencing posts, and 20 percent volunteer work for African birds with biofilters 20 percent of work on the East Gate. The central boiler facility is in the end and begins with a test run.

From Zagreb Zoo they point out that special attention is paid to the care and welfare of animals, so that some of the animals have been moved to other zoos. At the end of the project in ZOO, the new settlement will get Dalmatian Pelicans, a recently arrived native species for which a modern dwelling will be built on the first island.

In ZOO they consider that modernization will enrich Zagreb's tourist offer and motivate citizens of Zagreb and its surroundings to frequent visits and longer stays in the green oasis of the city center.

Director Davorka Maljkovic says that one of the goals of the project is to increase the number of visitors from previous 260.000 to 350.000 per year, and to increase the number of 18.000 education users to 24.000 per year.

"By modernizing, we are building the foundations for the successful work of the Zoological Gardens in the years to come and creating the space and the offer that will be enjoyed by future generations of Zagreb citizens and visitors of our city," Maljkovic said.

In addition, the realization of the project's goals is to open 13 new jobs, along with new business opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses.