The renowned fashion designer of Zagreb, Ivan Alduk, impresses many future brides in the last three years with his unique line of wedding dresses twice a year through exquisite fashion shows.

Top fashion photographers, hair stylists and hair stylists present each season a special bridal make-up treat. With the feminine flair, romantic appeal and quality, the constant of every campaign is a natural, convenient and special flavor that is the work of a longtime ALDUK collaborator, the top visual artist Mihaela Dodić.

And this time, John and Michael joined forces to give future geniuses the advice and inspiration for the better and better choice of wedding makeup because it is a day where there is no room for error. How do they live and fashion! The well-known Croatian fashion photographer, Šime Eškinja, for this purpose created minimalist and elegant photographs with beautiful PR agent Martina Matušin in the main role.

The light-colored make-up of sand, earth, apricot or lilac with velvety, shimmering and luminous textures is a good look. Make-up should be unpretentious, but certainly emphasize a sophisticated and gentle attitude as well as appropriate for that day and that occasion. Harmony of selected wedding dresses, hairstyles and quality make-up is the basis of the unmistakable fashion of every bride that is the day of the lupa of all present.

"Make-up for brides is very specific because most brides want to look naturally fresh, yet glamorous and sophisticated. So I advise you to seek help with a professional make-up artist. What matters to a bridal make-up is perfect, and it would recommend brides who want to make themselves on the wedding day to give up the idea. Perfectly requires a proper selection of powders, from its persistence to the precisely affected nuances. With high-quality substrates it is also important to play shimmers, highlighters and other products that give you a nice and smooth face texture. Since most women are accustomed to lightweight textures and very little make-up in general, they can be made to make professional make-up more intense underpants and shadows. They are right, but certainly such a make-up is very durable and leaves a visual impression that you have previously agreed. Apart from its persistence, such a make-up is suitable for photography and video, and it will definitely blur with it, "said Mihaela.

Choosing artificial lashes is a matter of personal choice, but if you have fewer and fewer ones, you definitely opt for the installation of partial eyelashes that can easily be manipulated and give you extra fullness and depth of eye.

In bridal make-up, it is important to avoid excessive contours, overlapping lashes, or simultaneous emphasis on the eyes and lips. The overall fashionable bridal gown can be achieved with moderation, and it can certainly be helped by expert Croatian designers, visuals and hairdressers.