The Federation of Innovators of Zagreb was awarded 50 a thousand kuna to cover part of the expenses so that the members of the alliance would participate in 16. the London Innovation Fair in London. The fair is held by 19. to 22. October 2016.

The decision to donate money was donated by Mayor 28. September As can be seen from Bandic's archives, this is not the first time that Zagreb innovators got money from the city.

The alliance is in May 2014. year received 60 thousand for participation in the international exhibition INPEX and more 20 thousand for the international exhibition EUROINVENT in Romania.

More extra 80 thousand The alliance is in December 2014. received for the KIE / Kaohsiung International Invention Fair in Taiwan. The following year, Zagreb innovators again visited Taiwan, this time with 70 thousand kuna from the city budget to participate in the world-wide innovator INST 2015.

On the other hand, EUROINVENT in Romania visited 2015. and 2016. year, every time with an additional 20 thousand kunas from the city.

When all counts, according to dosed data, the City of Zagreb is in the last 3 year awarded 320 thousands of kuna to cover part of the cost for the launch of innovators at international events.