Deputy Finance Secretary Zoran Radoman urged the Serbian government on Friday to make a decision to recapitalize "Tesla Štedna banka" in Zagreb because, as he said, Serbia would lose its ability to economically assist Serbs wishing to return to Croatia, according to agency Beta.

"Tesla banka" in Zagreb has been established as a development bank that will provide favorable returns and support to Serbs for the sustainable return of Serb refugees in Croatia and to facilitate the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises in Serbia. The project was initiated by the Serbian National Council.

Radoman at a news conference in Novi Sad said that it was only a matter of political will if the Serbian government would decide on the recapitalization of "Tesla banka" or not.

"The eventual sale of Tesla banka is not a good move because Serbia loses its ability to help Serbs wanting to return to Croatia in terms of obtaining loans, jobs and gaining economic independence as a basic precondition for life in Croatia," Radoman said.

According to him, the only interested Tesla bank buyer is RTB capital from Novi Sad, which has the majority of Russian capital and which offers 1,2 million for that bank.

"If the sale succeeds, both the province and the Republic will lose a million euro of founding capital, because our total founding capital is 3,2 million euros. In addition, Serbia will also lose the 500.000 Euro loan granted by the Serbia Development Fund to Tesla Bank and paid in July this year, "Radoman said.

He estimates, as Beta reports, that Serbia runs "inconsistent" politics towards "Tesla Banka" since in July, after failing to sell the bank, he gave half a million euros in loan and now he wants to sell it.

At the beginning of September, the Serbian Ministry of Finance announced that the proposed business plan of the bank's administration for Serbia was unacceptable.

"The proposed business plan did not satisfy us," Finance Minister Dušan Vujovic said.

As the Serbian media relayed, the new business plan should convince the Serbian government that by the end of the year plans to repeat the sale of its share of capital to "Tesla Banka", estimated at two and a half million euros, to rationally spend money.

The offer so far has not attracted the most serious customer of the only Serbian bank in Croatia.

The Serbian government has a third of the capital, while the province has sold its stake in "Tesla Banka".