If you think your position is stolen, and democracy is dead, are you retreat or are fighting again? And what will you do in the battle ahead of you? Truth, justice or revenge?

These questions are set by Kevin Spacey announcing a story about the rivalry of two US presidents in the White House race series, but they can be easily set in the current situation in Zagreb.

What prompted Zrinko Paladino to tell these days that Milan Bandic had systematically humiliated her and his profession for years and what prompted Sandro Švaljek to run against a man he had been deputy in the last elections?

Responding to these questions was not too much interest of Americans when their democracy was stolen and was stolen from a better president, so they should not care too much about the citizens of Zagreb, whatever the motives and the human and professional qualities of Milan Bandic, Sandre Švaljek and Zrinke Paladino.

And citizens of the city of Zagreb have long been stolen from democracy because no matter how many people voted and whoever they voted in the City Assembly, most of them will appeal to the mighty mayor.

And whoever comes to the competition, they will be elected by the mayor at will. Only the projects that he likes will pass.

It was from love, fear or something more profitable.

At the last elections, the independent ballot of Milan Bandic did not win the majority, but the majority in the Assembly still does. HSU has been a strategic partner for years, no matter which coalition the elections came out. Three of the city's MPs from the ranks of the HSU in the last elections came out in a coalition with SDP and HNS.

In the pre-election campaign, this coalition was harshly attacked by Milan Bandic, and the whole campaign consisted of a strategy that Bandic was practically proclaimed as the country's biggest mobster. After all, for such statements by Zoran Milanovic, Milan Bandic also filed a lawsuit against him.

But as soon as the elections are over, three representatives of the HSU have since lifted their hands in the assembly for all Bandic's proposals, and they are the most supportive of him. SDP does not blame them too much for their Zagreb boss to rise to national lists.

Milan Bandic was criticized by HDZ for his campaign. They continued to criticize him in the Assembly and against his proposals and vote until they were given the position of the President of the Assembly. And while their members did not start hiring in Holding.

The HDZs do not seek cleaner positions, but the director positions of that office in the Management Board and the Supervisory Board. Bandic gives them all generously, and his proposals at the municipal representative body suddenly come to their support.

It is paradoxical that he is currently in this subordinate Assembly the greatest and most consistent critic Sandra Svaljek whom the citizens have chosen on his list. Because, HNS and SDP can hack HDZ and argue over who is the biggest opposition, but their representatives in 16 in the last few years have been quick to change opinions and raise arms for Milan Bandic. It was "the best they could offer to the citizens", and the "mafias" became only when he left the SDP. The SDP has celebrated these 16 years to protect Zagrepcan's interests.

And as the city manages and how decisions are made in the best interests of citizens, it is revealed today by deputy head of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments and Nature of Nature Zrinka Paladino. She claims that all citizens are not equal in the conduct of the city administration. It reveals how some citizens of this city are privileged and how decisions are taken by laws, regulations and rules of the profession. And how those who in the city's offices are systematically humiliated and insulted.

Bandic on this serious and grieving accusation has only to say that he is a friend of her husband. And how journalists are mobbing when they are questioning whether laws, regulations, and profession are respected in this city.

And laws, regulations and rules of profession are the foundation of democracy. They protect themselves from the will of the mighty and the weakest citizens of this country and of this city.

Bandic undermined democracy. He thinks, if the citizens have chosen him as mayor, he can do whatever he wants. How can he laugh, if he wants to buy, humiliate or scare people? But no choice is made in the elections. Citizens and city officials are not his subjects. He did not choose them, but they did him. They do not live from their money, but from theirs. He is also obliged to pay bills every day, not every four years. No one should go to the polls to ask him.

Gentlemen, kings and emperors have nothing to look for in democratic systems. In addition to performing protocol functions. And in Zagreb, there are few faculty members, directors in the Holding, and city officials on the protocol functions.

The citizens of Zagreb are reduced to the subjects whose elected representatives regularly play their voice and trust. And that's why they never respond.

Citizens of Zagreb deserve to be citizens again. They deserve democracy back. They deserve to be paid for the prize accounts they pay.

That is why the motives of those who will return their democracy are absolutely irrelevant. Politics is a dirty job, and bourgeois people are not employed in city services. And therefore, they do not have to protect their honesty or courage from the power of the mayor, but laws, regulations and judicial bodies.

And police, DORH, and Bandic's lawsuit went for old things, and for what is happening, and what Paladino is talking about for a long time, waiting for the obsolescence or oblivion of citizens. The past can not help us back, but the future can not steal us any more.

And so do not ask citizens what the motives of people are that the undemocratic system is ruining. If it is ruined and out of revenge, it will be for your benefit. Unless you resign Horvatinčić.

Do not ask where they were before and what people who are now demanding are doing. Because they are looking for something that belongs to you. And once you get back to democracy, do not give it to anyone or sell it to anyone. Because you're people, not some egg.