Budget Rebalance, Parks, Fountains, Uber and Holding are just some of the topics that make up the 46 agenda. the session of the City Assembly that started today.

Thus, a majority of votes were accepted to re-budget the city budget of 145 million, which means that the city cash register is now "heavy" 8 billion and 800 million kuna.

However, the discussion about it was relatively short, as energy representatives broke up on the topic that preceded the rebalance - a report on budget execution for the first six months of this year.

A report on the operations of the Zagreb Holding for the same period should still be on the agenda of the Assembly.

But at this moment, only the information announced by Holding Director Ana Stojić Deban yesterday was known. The largest city-based company earned a profit of 149 million, which is better than in the same period last year.

Current hour

A somewhat dormant atmosphere at the session as well as on the current watch were Sandra Svaljek with the question of waste and SDP's Tin Pažur about the British Square.
"Are you able to solve the waste problem in Zagreb?" Asked the mayor of his former deputy, now an independent deputy representative, Sandra Švaljek.

He reminded him of numerous illegal landfills that lie down in the city like mushrooms, but also overcrowded waste containers, which is the consequence of Bandic's decision since the beginning of August, according to which the number of weekly wastes in most urban areas decreased from three to two.

He did not receive a concrete answer to Bandic's question, but he honored her with an ironic comment: "In 16 years of waste, something was done only in those 6 months when I was a deputy to Svaljek." For wild landfills, however, Bandic blames unsuspecting citizens who, during the night, massive wastes go where they should not.

Representative of Tina Pažura, however, was interested in the British Square, where the fountain would, among other things, be built soon.

- One of the buildings in the vicinity of the British has no access to the water supply network for seven years, although her tenants have been living since 2009. they are trying to solve this problem, while there is always time and money to build new fountains - Pažur noted.

The Mayor replied that the entire British Square would be arranged, as well as the Zelengaa park, which now mostly serves as a parking lot.

- They will arrange the benches, the promenade and more, while the number of parking spaces will be reduced. Yes, there will also be a fountain - Bandic described as the case of a gas-free building did not comment.

There is also an amendment to the Decree on a carriage of cars that would end the ban on issuing new licenses. This is why Uber and other similar platforms are virtually blocked from entering the Zagreb auto market.

Let's remember, license ban was issued to "rule out". At least that was the decision of the mayor.

The opposition, on the other hand, claimed that it was a concession to old taxi drivers gathered at the Radio Taxi Zagreb association.

Now, therefore, it is abolished, so a greater number of Uber drivers on urban roads are expected.