Business people at work

"Employees are like a ladder on the ladder of success. Do not hesitate to stick with them! "Says 211. the rule of Ferengi's acquisition of the popular Star Trek. These rules seem to apply to Our Beautiful. Mobbing can be found at every step - in state institutions and companies, their local versions, and most, expected, in private companies.

Victims of mobbing do not have to be, what would be expected, the "weakest link" - the oldest or youngest employees, those with certain deficiencies, disabilities etc. The victim of mobbing can become anyone - regardless of gender, age, qualification, property status etc.

But while mobbing, we said, is everywhere, there is not where it should be - in the courts. The brutality and corruption of our judicial system, the fear of the abused individual of losing work, shame or losing lawsuits, the inability to pay expensive attorneys' fees, and the heavy evidence of mobbing - are the most common reasons for this.

In addition, seldom who will judge, in the case of mobbing lawsuits, judge in favor of the plaintiff. It will open the pandora box, allow someone else to invoke his verdict in a similar case. If so, the abusers would begin to fall in all directions. As it turned out, at least in the media, that maniac, owner of the Boso store.

Tears, sadness, depression, stomach cramps, loss of appetite, loss of life expectancy, and later health problems - all these are the consequences of mobbing. For a family whose members are abused at work they are even worse. So then everyone has a marriage / relationship, suffering children.

The stories are different, but in the end everything is reduced to the same, abused or abused, and to the abuser - most often the mighty or someone behind whom is a power. And who can do something in Croatia ?! I can not even have any judicial organs.

The main problem, a judge recently said, is that there is no right labor market in Croatia. In Western countries where unemployment is much smaller, an employee, if it comes to abuse or any dissatisfaction, easily goes to another company. In our case, this possibility almost does not exist. You are lucky to have any business. When credit, debts, blockades and confiscations are added - the question is whether any one in this country can allow a dismissal ?! And abusers know it very well and use them abundantly.

That is why we will on this portal every Friday make anonymous stories of abused stories of people who just want to work and pay for it. Stories of those who are disabled, who go to work with stomach ache, who would go away and can not or do not want to let the abuser. The stories of those who fight against the abuser are fighting a ruthless and corrupt justice system, against uninterested politicians and the media, against fear and shyness. We hope that we will encourage you to report - to tell the abusers DOSTA !!