Although mobbing involves almost all Zagreb psychiatrists with ill-treatment in the workplace, numerous abusers are, however, going to the so-called "Mobbing Ambulance" - which operates at the Health Center Zagreb - Center in the new village of Siget in Novigrad.

Dr. Ante Leskur has been at the forefront of the aforementioned Ambulance for many years, who, in addition to individual interviews, tries to help patients with group therapies, so-called "mobbing groups". "Meetings on Wednesdays" come from many people, both women and men of all ages, different occupations and professional qualifications. There is only one common thing for everyone - the boss of hell.

An abuser is most often a person suffering from narcissistic personality disorders

"A person suffering from this disorder has a grand sense of importance, wisdom, achievement or talent. He believes he has the right to various privileges, exploration of others. Such a person endeavors to make up the apparent alliances, but the only goal is to facilitate work or management / management. All this grows to the unbelievable level of ardor and pride and even the uncompromising use of all means to establish and strengthen their own position and power. In all this, there is paranoia that in some institutions / firms becomes the dominant pattern of behavior and behavior of all involved. If the chief presumptuous suffer from narcissistic personality disorder, he is governed and maintained as part of a wider network of different levels, and in the center and with the help of informants, by establishing a paranoid system of general distrust, alienation, suspicion and non-relationship " - explains Leskur and adds that abusers work from their own psychological motives, reasons or needs. "Those who are targeted in the career go to the position of power as opposed to ordinary people who just want to work normally, professionally and peacefully".

More than two thousand patients had Doctor Leskur in seven years in dealing with mobbing. There is no universal "drug" because abusing everyone responds differently - someone gets caught up in self, someone falls into depression, someone becomes aggressive, someone self-destructive.

"The psychological system of an abused individual is severely hit - these show brain function research. He was first affected by the most subtle associative functions associated with brain centers responsible for the most creative work. This is manifested by a lack of concentration when an abused person starts to become more and more mistaken - the abuser uses for his further work compromise. Such a person falls in time with self-confidence, functionality is getting worse, fears, panic, constant tension, insomnia, thoughtfulness, a sense of existential endurance, etc. The physical weight of the abuser changes, the breathing and the rhythm of the heart become different, blood pressure oscillations, menstrual cycle failure in women and even infertility. Such persons are usually irritable, socially withdrawn, losing interest in previous preoccupations and interests, and in some cases even latent suicidal impulses and thoughts occur ".

In most of the abused people are also developing physical illnesses over time

"First, the function of many organic systems changes, as time goes by to change their structure ie the emergence of true somatic disorders - diseases, tissue and organ changes. In some companies, there was a real epidemic of psychosomatic illnesses, precisely in those companies where workers are treated as "human flesh", where psychopaths are headed by those who can do what they want ".

DSC05701Unfortunately, in Croatia, mobbing is not sufficiently recognized as a problem. He is talking about it, but no one has yet been convicted of torture. No one, in the whole country of four million and the resident of all the four centuries of its existence !! On the other hand, abusers rarely decide on a lawsuit. We have already said in the past week - the fear of losing work, shame or losing lawsuits, the inability to afford expensive lawyer services, and the length of court proceedings are the most common reasons for giving up justice in court. Even the rulers are not quite ready to catch up with this big problem - says Leskur, who also sensed on his skin. In addition to the fact that there is no official mobbing group that does not have any financial support from the City of Zagreb, which was once excluded from the "Work Prevention Program", former Health Minister Siniša Varga even threatened to close the "Ambulance for Mobbing" .

"Dr. Varge's administration, while head of the HZZO, sent us an inspection on two occasions to" determine the state "of the place from which" generating sickness ". Then we are forbidden to speak about the working condition and ability of the patient to work ?! Over time, it was overwhelmed by the entire health system, and all the exclusive competence of the workforce went to the hands of the general practitioner " - Leskur recounts his battle with the Croatian administration and Croatian politicians.

The health system generally works against the abused. Not deliberately, but in the end it turns out to be so - says Leskur. "The various CCI commissions are discriminating against the abused persons - patients. Some of them, for example, have not used sickness for years, but when they find themselves in a situation of severe abuse, discrimination, mobbing, when they are completely broken up for several weeks or months, then the burial of the HZZO occurs, which further stigmatizes such a person and thus becomes practically an extended employer's hand / boss-abusers ".

"With a diploma, you can get rid of it," she told a high school graduate who had a high school diploma, when she asked for a little higher salary than the 3700 kuna she had. "Here's the 1000 kunas, you're no longer worth it," said the boss of the other worker, also with a high school diploma. Let's also mention that the "lady" has a five-digit paycheck (10 000 + Kuna). It's just a small and benign part of what can be heard at the "group for mobbing" by Dr. Leskur. Threats to physical violence and even violence, sexual harassment and abuse of people who just want one - to do what they have been educating and to be adequately paid for is even worse by the bullying of what the "lady" is doing. But, ultimately, it's all about abuse, no matter how it is done!

The next Friday in the row is the first in a series of confessions of abused, mobbed. Some will be anonymous, and some are not very anonymous because there are those who are not afraid to publicly call their abuser. Over time, we hope, be brave to be more so that such psychopaths finally begin to punish and / or heal!

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