The Zagreb European cinema starts with a new season since September, and already in the first month brings five new movies - after the premiere at the closing of the Festival of World Literature, a new film by German director Andreas Dresen, "While we dreamed", continues on Saturday.

The film's work, which compares with the famous "Trainspotting", takes place on the outskirts of Leipzig shortly after the collapse of East Germany, and follows four young men forced to settle down in the turbulent time of the united kingdom, announced from China Europe.

From Saturday, 12. September is a regular program and the film "Nici's Child" by Vuk Rumanovic, based on a true event from 1988, when a wild boy was found in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Excited from the perspective of the child who is first confronted with civilization, the film poses questions about personal and national identity, as well as the universality of the need for love and affiliation.

The movie "Cure", a new masterpiece of the film 'Growth Movie', French director Celine Sciamma, comes to "Europe" by 17. September It is an intimate and unconventional portrait of young girls from the suburbs of Paris, which pass through a complex period of identity crisis. Cinema's distribution is followed by a humanitarian action, the Zagreb Film Festival will donate three kuna of each ticket sold to the "Step into Life" action award, awarding student scholarships to young people without parental care.

The award-winning Croatian film "Zvizdan" by Dalibor Matanic starts playing 24 at theaters. September Author's ninth feature film is the first Croatian film in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival after the 34 of the year, where he also won the jury prize in the "Certain View" program. He has been awarded with six Golden Arenas, and has recently been selected for the Croatian nominee candidate for the Oscars.

On the same day in the autumn repertoire of this Zagreb cinema will join the documentary "We Come In Peace" Hubert Sauper, located in the largest African continental state - Sudan and follows two nations sharing the same territory, including ongoing conflicts and wars for the country and resources .

Within the framework of the September program, four films from the "Rendez-vous au cinema" cycle, which are organized in twenty independent cinemas throughout Croatia, are presented at Rendez-vous, the French Festival in Croatia, the Cinema Network and the Croatian Audiovisual Center. The films "French Minister" Bertrand Tavernier, "Beautiful Days" Marion Vernoux, "The Weekend" Anne Villaceque and "Cherbourish Umbrellas" will be screened by Jacques Demy.

Cinema Europe announces the same intensity in October - which introduces the winner of Berlinale, the "Taxi" of Iranian director Jafar Panahija and "My Mother" by Nannija Moretti, and will include, among other things, the new creation of leading Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, "The Golden Palm winner, Jacquesa Audiarda's" Dheepan "film.