While the bura after the Sunday television appearances, the deputy head of the Institute for the Protection of Monuments Zrinka Paladino slowly falls, because the memory of Croats often (and too often) of the short term, in the case of the planned construction of four nine-storey skyscrapers, along with the loud part of Park Maksimir was interested in USKOK.

Paladino, recalling, visiting the "Sunday in 2" show, among other things, accused the city's archbishop, chiefly Silvana Novaak, and (and) Milan Bandic, directly, that VMD, in spite of her negative opinion, gave green light for the construction of said skyscrapers. Paladino said, and how the civil engineering prevails in this area, and now skyscrapers will be built there. But her negative opinion, she said, was changed to a positive one while she was on vacation, by direct directors of Novak.


The latest "cases" of skyscrapers on the west side of Maximus, the canopy on the Flower Square and the fountain in Britain are just a paradigm in the City of Zagreb: "Give the matter, do not worry, it will all OK, I know the type that will solve it ". The appearance of deputy chiefs of course would jeopardize the functioning of the city administration headed by mayor Bandic, and in fact open up many questions about the way and the legality of decision-making in the city administration. One of the biggest problems in the city is the absence of any succesful development strategy of Zagreb, in almost all segments of urban life, especially in the spatial planning and development of the city. It is obvious that the profession does not listen to it, or it is often overlooked in making important decisions "claims HNS deputy city Tomislav Stojak.


He hails the Stoak out of Zrinka Paladino and hopes he will say that the USKOK investigation will get a concrete result. We need to know the truth, he remarks, even if it has come to pass and that everything was under the law and regulations.

"Things are very simple, for whatever there is to be a trace in the management system, who knows which job level is responsible and who proposes who decides. That's how well-regulated systems work, so our city must work. If this is not the case at the moment, we have to do so in the future for all of us who live in Zagreb. The deputy chief of staff in the last couple of months in their two exits, if they prove to be true, has abandoned the way in which the city administration deals with things, and I'm afraid they are not the only cases of such action. What a city attorney is a bit annoying is the fact that we have faced many years with various information about such a way of working in the administration, but nobody publicly dared to say anything. Why? Did not their public interest remain in the first place? I will only remind you that when I as a city representative publicly expressed my opposition to the decommissioning of the GUP by the Institute for Spatial Planning and to an external bidder through a competition, then, as far as I know, nobody from the profession has spoken a word or even opposed such a mayor's intentions. Also, I do not remember that anyone in the profession came to the protection of citizens after two public debates about the GUP failed because of the fact that the city administration did not want or was able to handle the citizens' requests and to send the GUP to the City Meeting. Too bad, maybe things started earlier, so it turns out to be a time for a public stand. But, says an old folk - "better than ever", I only regret the time we lost while "administration and profession were silent" and things were not good at that time "concludes Stojak.


Like Stojak, SDP's city representative Dominik Etlinger welcomes Zrinka Paladino's act as well as the investigation initiated by USKOK, but he is also critical of the selectivity and the illness of the prosecution body.

"I regularly point to the non-transparency and the detriment of certain city decisions. I advocate and actively fight for the preservation of many public city areas, from the Flower Square to the Savici Park. I am glad that competent institutions have finally reacted to certain public occasions on this issue, but I have to note that they make it selective "- Etlinger pointed out.

The Maksimir residents we spoke with absolutely oppose the construction of any skyscrapers in their neighborhood.

Marija (45): "That's all Bandic's olive oil. Him and his godfathers. Someone wants to make money and he remembers the same with the most beautiful city couple to build skyscrapers. The price of apartments, because of the gaze and the proximity of the green oasis, was certainly more than the skyscrapers built somewhere else. "

Ivan (67): "I'm against building a skyscraper. So you see here mostly family homes. And I live in the house. Now would somebody practically build a nine-seater basement in the yard ?! No chance, just over me dead. "

Marko (26): "Probably it is a deal of Bandic and his hosts and a company that would build skyscrapers. But that's all the mafia, the horror. "

Martina (33): "I'm already thinking about launching a petition, and even organizing protests if skyscraper builds in Maksimir. Do every piece of Zagreb have to be destroyed by wild construction and the lack of a construction plan. So this turns into the Wild West. "

Mayor Bandic, little has not been said so far. She just replied to journalistic questions that she did not want it or that was not a moment. But if they are not journalists, the USKOK investigators may have pulled out of him.