Mayor Milan Bandić and Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board Martina Bienenfeld announced at a press conference in Zagreb's Esplanade Hotel the fifth tourist-holiday manifestation Advent in Zagreb, which will be held by 26. November to this, to 8. January next year with an even richer program and more content than it has so far.

"This year we will try to defend the title of the best European Advent destinations and with the help of numerous partners and the private and public sectors, we have prepared with existing and new content. We have two big airline partners - Croatia Airlines and Turkish Airlines, with whom we are doing promotional campaigns, as well as others, "Bienenfeld said, announcing the expansion of the event at ten new locations including Gornji Grad and Novi Zagreb.

In front of more than 100 gathered journalists, organizers, travel agents and hoteliers, Bienenfeld announced that in December, a special research on the spending of visitors in Zagreb would be conducted.

"In December, we will conduct research on tourist spending with the Zagreb Tourism Institute in order to know exactly what the numbers are doing. We believe that spending as well as tourist arrivals and overnight stays will be higher than the 70,5 thousands of tourists and 124 thousands of overnight stays, because announcements from both Croatia and the countries of the region, as well as numerous foreign markets, are already excellent, "said Bienenfeld.

Biennenfeld gave rough estimates that consumption could be higher than last year, which was around the 123 Euro per person per day and a day, or a total of more than 15 million. He also said that the TZGZ for promotional online and off-line Advent campaigns will spend two million kunas, while another 3,5 million will spend for everything else, including preparation for Advent locations, content and more.

Part of the cost is borne by City of Zagreb, which is the main organizer of Advent with the TZGZ.

Mayor Milan Bandić expects much better this year's Advent.

"We went to many cities and learned from others, and with Advent we became the best. When all the creative forces of Zagreb join together with learning from others, we get not only the 50-percentage increase of visitors in the last two years, but also the numerous effects of this event for the City of Zagreb, "Bandic said, thanking everyone who is in the organization and who will visit Zagreb.

The program of this year's Advent as well as previous years includes Christmas Fairytale at Ban Jelačić Square, Advent at the European Square and Zrinjevac Park, Ice Park with a slide in Tomislavov Square, Fuling in Tomićeva Street and Kurelčeva Street, while Advent on the Upper Town with Open Courts of Famous Palaces and at the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery and at Štros. Novelty is also Advent in New Zagreb, or Santa Claus's Fairy Fair at the Zagreb Fair and in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art, and new programs are also in the so-called. Design District from Ibler to Kvaternik Square and Advent in the Grič tunnel.

All will be accompanied by a wealth of drinks and food on the streets, a Christmas fair with an old and traditional and modern holiday offer, as well as promotional campaigns on domestic, regional and European markets, especially German, Italian, British, French and additionally in Japan and Korea . In cooperation with HTZ, the TZGZ will organize study tours of foreign journalists and travel agents from numerous countries, and the campaign has already started in Milan and Ljubljana, or in all advertising channels.