An abuser (mobbera = psychopath, a person suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder) has at each step. There are them from the highest authorities of state power to various state offices and companies. There are also offices of other local government units, insurance companies, banks, local and / or national media, cleaning companies etc. Similarly, they are a common illness that can be treated by TREBA.

But there is no will for that. A parent's psychologist often does not notice the problem or does not care. There is often some mutual benefit of the general with a psychopath, so he is held in a certain position despite the evil he is doing. Such a person, however, does not even consider the treatment because he does not think something is wrong with her. "My conscience is before God pure, I do not do anything wrong" - a "boss" is often claimed, because a large proportion of her subordinates go to a psychiatrist, drink antidepressants and other tablets just to "survive the day." But it does not do anything wrong - she thinks, but do not agree with doctors who would like to see it on therapy.

Sexual mobbing that leads to real oppression is a common occurrence. The girl, who for the moment wants to remain anonymous, says that her boss, over fifteen years old, tried to win her with all the strength. From open pours of love through the various "messages" and to the jostling of money, thinking that if nothing else falls on his thick wallet. It did not work. He refused, asked to stop, told him countless times that he was in serious relationship and how his longtime boyfriend loves the most in the world - it did not help. Even before she left for a business trip, she suggested that they should be together in the room, justifying it by "saving". When he refused, insults began, work degradation and everything else that the abusers used successfully. From a prospective employee who had done important jobs at the firm, she became "small of coffee". She did not have any more important tasks, business travels became her past, and her salary was reduced. It also affected her psyche, and soon her health. She became a shadow of herself. She could no longer recognize when she would stand in front of the mirror. But she did not surrender, she decided to say enough to the abuser!

Mother and woman, highly educated, husband of Croatian defender. Valuable and good worker. But there is one big "manu" - I have my own, my opinion and I do not like playing. This "mana" cost her months and months of severe abuse, mobbing, drinking ... sorrow, pain, and of course, various health problems that are inevitable. "My colleagues are just silent. Whatever he says or does, they do not react to it. One of his colleagues was screaming at each other for the combination of clothes she had picked on that day, and she is calling her to lunch tomorrow. Well, it's like you spat in your face, and you say your spit is so delicious. I am not such, such things are falling - and that is why I was at the head of this man, the boss, the local powerhouse who came to the chief position only by his connections in a political party, with no knowledge and education " She apologized to a lady who also wants to remain anonymous, for now. And she told the abuser to say - enough!

Stop violence against women

There was also an employee of the cleaning company on the abuser's way. Although his work has been performing well and well for three decades, a new boss has transformed her life into hell. "Although I can be a daughter for years, although I do not have as much experience as I do - it does not prevent me from oppressing me everyday, for things that have nothing to do with me". The company in which he is doing has, in fact, decided to save on everything he can. Except for the employees, everyone in the order, reduced wages, it also saves on cleaning agents and on toilet paper. "We who clean up a certain building get paper as we get, lately too little. Of course this paper is consumed and that it is missing in all the toilets. That is the fault of the management of the company I work for, I say, they decided to save on everything. But for my superiors I am the sole culprit ?! So what do I have to do with the amount of paper ?! If it's a little and it's spitting I can not create a new one. Is it expected of me from my salary, which is reduced to the minimum (about 2600 kuna), I buy " - another, for now, anonymous lady apologized briefly. And she used to say enough to the abuser. She will not say that she is oppressed, because of something she can not influence, which is not her fault.

Mobbera has everywhere, but in Western countries we have always been striving for, it is successfully and quickly sanctioned. If not, the employee goes to another business and the story ends there. You do not have any other company you would go to with us because you are lucky to have any business or have any judicial bodies willing to catch up with the abusers. In the Republic of Croatia, more than a quarter of a century ago, no legally valid ruling was given for mobbing !! Why is that so?! Because if the abuser began to be punished for the evil they are doing, every new abuser could have invoked one of the previous judgments, and that would make it much easier for justice to do so. This would mean, in the end, that all abusers and even big companies, and those with big political ties and / or thick wallets, would "start falling" slowly. And those like them, their friends and sponsors, their godfathers, their relatives, and their party colleagues do not respond, and then such things tend to be pushed under the carpet. So who is more important in this country - is there an "aunt" at the cash register, there is a kindergarten educator there, an employee in an insurance company or a cleaning company, a local television worker, a driver in a city company, or a powerperson associated with local (national or local) rulers? ! We know that in Croatia things (not) work.

"My son went to work in Germany, in Frankfurt. The programmer is by profession. He works there in one good company, he has a decent salary, bigger than he had here. But it's not a thing to pay. It's bigger, but the cost of living is bigger. The thing is in the business itself. He got a contract in which he clearly wrote what he was doing. There is no deviation from it - he knows exactly what his obligations are, what he must do and how much time. He rarely works for more than eight hours, and when he remains, he has been paid for it. There are no "sudden" boss calls in the middle of the night, during a weekend or an annual break. There are no "extra" jobs with the justification that the company "saves" the workers. So, everything is in the PS. He also receives a variety of salary supplements, all the travel he has to do for the company has been duly paid for, and agreed and the contract guarantees he wages for a day. So there was no one heard that he was paying late or that he was not paid to the worker. For Germany, the unmarried salary is an unknown term! The relation of the boss towards him and others is correct, as it should be. There is no business mix with the private, there is no question about private life. They are rewarded with work and effort, and they work harder and better, not as opposed to people where they are oppressed and then punished verbally and financially because they are "worse" doing " - says Mr. Marko from Zagreb happy that his son rescues and continues: "People in our country just do not know what their rights are but they know it would not mean anything because no one protects them. Do not protect them laws, do not protect them from justice, do not even protect them from trade unions. You are in the fight against politicians, powerful, tycoons, various fools. So a company that does not pay the salaries at the same time would be forced to close, and forced the owner to pay all debts to the workers and forbid him to ever deal with such a job. The abuser should, however, be crammed into a prison or, at least, into a madman. But all this is a crime in us, and poor people are silent because they fear for existence ".

It is difficult for people to persuade them to call their abuser by name and surname to say the name of the company / institution where such things are happening. Logically, people are afraid of their job, for the salary they often live (survive) their entire family. Some fear even for their own life, because threats are another weapon of the abuser, the one they pose when confronted with the truth when they are scolded. But slowly - there are more and more people who are ready to come up with names-surnames, documents proving various unkind and illegal acts that prove abusive !!