I mostly did not feel like 'cattle from the Bay', although it was a common term for all of us who lived in Kozari Boku, and who 80s were covered in 'Kozari Bronx'.

Right at that time my neighborhood got the label of the notorious, so the channel became recognizable as the "Drek River".

The name "cattle from Boka" we faced all of us who crossed the ghettos of the ghetto and started "in the city" for education:
- What are you a refugee? - they asked us "urban" when they introduced us to the early 90s.
- No, I'm from Kozara Boka - we were defending ourselves not to mention Zagreb's slogan and completely unaware that our purig has always treated us as unwanted refugees even though we were born here.

I suppose this was precisely the reason for the good acceptance of war refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in my neighborhood. While the rest of Zagreb had a rather frustrating attitude toward people who came from crude Vukovar or Derventa with abundant basic things, we did not have much to explain about the problems.

Accepting people in distress from where they came from, is a delightful feature that can boast a bit of a Zagreb settlement.
Yet, to this day, I do not stop asking for the reasons of the city ranting towards the costume from Kozara Boka, so besides "the dot-marking sign in the mind of the wound only another one - the fear of us ...
The fathers of the city feared almost as much as we were afraid of the city.

Against the fear of confronting the city ruler, a certain team from Boka fought with the weapon he had long been accustomed to. Violence.

To this, I admit, I often testified.

The hooligans' movement broke in the generation of a year older than me. I mean, to be a good hooligan you have to be bred from kindergarten, so it started abruptly kicking swings and water slides and crawling for the cunt that once made your ear for a while.

The next level was a scandalous school, cheating on directories and televisions, all ending with a solemn tire drilling on the car of mrzni direktor i Grozdanovic iz fizike. The culmination of Cloister's career reached a standstill in front of the "State" Food Dealer, in which also the queen's cognac broke out.

But the real sense of standing in front of the Prophet was to wait for a random, unharmed passer-by who had to fulfill only one single criterion to earn a bee: not to be from Kozara Boka. That's exactly what 80 and some inspired journalists of cult 101 to make a sort of prize game where candidates would go through my neighborhood. By themselves. At night.

As far as I know, the prize that was waiting for OKI was not taken by anyone, nor did one of the participants notice in the streets of Kozari Boka.

It is interesting that Food, as an important clerical punch, despite the many new private shops as well as the great Konzum, remained and survived. With a small difference, though. Huligans with boxers have replaced barrels with beer in their hands ...

For the provocations from Kozari Boka, and without any success, the murders tried to stop by the end of the test: by walking out of styadin and by shuffling without question. We all remember a ferocious militia whose only task was to blame everyone who arrived. That is why even the worst social gathering with the advent of a brunette car had turned into a panic, but also something else - turning the revenge on the blue whisper.

Breaking the law was a priority task of juvenile offenders, which is why their profiles started to crush criminals and albums in Djordjevic very early.

A stolen car and then go to "Studeni centar" or "Kefu" on an agreed fight against Dubrava has become a rule because ... Who will be bothered by city transport?

The morning after the outbreak they were always marked with the same scene: Brko, who looks czech and helplessly into the stolen wreckage as he runs from the canal.

All in all, hooligans from Kozara Boka have long been no trace or voice.
Some took war-torn, some of whom we read in black chronicle. Some, though, I come across as nursing grandchildren in the nursery, the same one who used them as a springboard for a walk.

Some I Meet in Meals on a Case:
- Hey, you've forgotten a cognac - with a smile.
"I did not, but I paid him," he answers with a sneer, and adds bitingly:
- I forgot? Who, who would forget it ...