Immediately before the local elections in May / June of next year, there would be a need to build a slope helicopter. Mayor Milan Bandić met with Minister of Construction Lovro Kuščević and arranged a hologram.

The Ministry must "arrange" the necessary paperwork or modify two urban planning plans that are a prerequisite for construction and conduct a public debate and create a study on environmental impact. Then there is a city public tender, and then construction begins. The first phase, the arrangement of the Mihaljevac-Dolce line, could begin at the beginning of next year and the second, construction of the Dolje-Vidikovac cable car, in May next. Bandic put it very well, but will it help him get another Zagreb election - we will see. It is more important that Zagreb and Zagreb finally get a much needed cable car.

About the tunnel below the Square of Franjo Tudjman Bandic with Minister Kuščević did not talk, he says, and did not touch the construction of another lake in Sljeme needed for producing artificial snow. But it should come to work once. I guess.

This is why Bandic on the British, where (not) the works of his redeployment and the construction of another city fountain are awakened. Although the inspection of the works stopped, the mayor said that soon they would obtain all permits and they would be resumed. Although his opposition politicians attributed the dependence on fountains, he was more pleased by the park and the benches. The font is in this story in the second plan, he says, and it is still surprising that journalists are constantly asking for it.

Let us remind, Bandic will also "raise" the fountain on the British square, at a place where, he claims, once was a well. But, while experts argue the opposite, there has never been a well there, and if it is - that it is an unknown industrial well, not a town, Bandic does not touch it. He is persistent in his plan.