Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić urged Prime Minister Andreja Plenković and Milan Kujundžić health minister to sit down for a table and jointly find a solution for the Immunological Institute. Zagreb is ready to become a partner of the government in the company's economy, strategically significant for both Croatia and the City of Zagreb, the mayor said at a press conference.

Three main reasons for the rescue of the Immunological Institute, said - 125 years in the Immunological Institute, its strategic importance to Croatia for the production of viral and bacterial vaccines, antitoxins and blood derivatives, as our country is one of the leaders in the world by the number of transplants.

As much as the rescue of the Immunological Institute cost - Zagreb is willing and willing to invest this money. "If we do not have the funds in the Budget, we will go to a bank project that will secure, with our guarantee, the funds to do so. But we in the Budget, dynamically over the years, we have room to finance this without raising the loan " - Finance Minister Slavko Kojić said. He did not speak about the amounts, but to save the Imunologic Cost 50, 100, 200 or even 300 million - Zagreb is willing to invest this money.

Bandic reminded that in January it will be three years since the government of Zoran Milanovic offered a partner relationship in resolving the problem of the Immunological Institute. It was not then that the SDPs and partners had neither the will nor the hearing of the co-operation, and its proposal was no better for either Tihomir Oreskovic, he claims. He hopes that Andrej Plenković will have the hearing and the mind to save that company of strategic importance.


"The former Government turned Immunologically into an institution that the City of Zagreb could not compete for the purchase of shares, because by establishing a government-owned facility, the City of Zagreb was excluded from the match. We now have the absurdity to have people in the Immunological Institute, which lives on appliances, and we have Immunology Institute, which has assets and stocks. So where in the world does that exist ?! I think Mr Pejnović (then head of the State Property Management Office) and Mr. Milanovic's Health Minister (Siniša Varga) need to get a Nobel Prize for what they have done. And they did before the election to score because they were rescued Immunologically, and they were Immunologically actually buried " - he has strongly criticized Kukorik-Governor Band, who he has not forgotten today to admit that he was the worst government in Croatia's history.

He also recalled that the Immunological Institute had "pushed" into bankruptcy, and the same day in the evening, a private shopper who wanted to buy it was interviewed. "It's a job for the institutions of this country, the institutions of the state. So the Immunological Institute is a strategic public interest for the Republic of Croatia. What do you think Mrs. Mirko Jozić and Slavko (Kojic) are preparing for next week to sell the Water Supply (Water Supply and Drainage) " - Bandic attempted to privatize the Immunological Institute in a picturesque way.

New letters to the new government will not be sent, he concluded, considering that he was in contact with the government of Tihomir Oreskovic and, as it is, more than the same, the same people, the same partners in power, considers it unnecessary to address them separately - because his offer It's been three years since.