One week ahead of 25. the anniversary of the baptiest individual crime in the Homeland War, Ovčara, at the concert hall Lisinski, will be screened the documentary film "Shepherd - an unexpressed story", was announced at the National Police unions conference, which filed criminal charges for these still unpunished crimes.

The members of the unions, as well as the veterans' associations, also requested that a parliamentary debate be conducted to determine who was in the State Attorney's Office the jurisdiction of the trial for a horrific crime at Ovcara to the court in Belgrade, although the crime was committed on the territory of the Republic of Croatia Vukovar), while the majority are judged by Croatian citizens.


The Sheepdogs are reminded by members of the JNA and Serbian paramilitary units at night with 20. on 21. November 1991. cold-bloodedly fired 276 soldiers and civilians, mostly Croats, though there were Bosniaks, Hungarians, as well as Serbs who defended the city they lived in. One German and one Frenchman, HOS-Jean Michel Nicolier, were killed in Ovčari. Most of the murdered were the patients of the Vukovar hospital who were taken to the then Ovčara VUPIK farm and shot while the "less fortunate" were slaughtered.


In the video, listen to Mrs. Barica Spudić whose son Paul was killed in Ovčari. Only recently did he find his bones and finally buried him. A statement to Z1 television by Ms. Spudić gave her a year ago, ahead of 24. Anniversary of Ovčara.