At the location of the unfinished University Hospital in Blato, on Saturday, the demonstration part of Blato 2015 - rescue from the ruins in the event of a earthquake in Zagreb, where 720 members of civil protection, professionals and volunteers participated.

The exercise is organized by the Zagreb City Emergency Management Office and lasts for 36 hours. It started on Saturday at 8 hours and will end on Sunday at 18 hours.

The subject of the exercise is the joint work of the professional and voluntary forces of the civil protection system of the City of Zagreb after the earthquake and the establishment of alternative communication systems in the Zagreb area. According to the exercise scenario, the situation in the city after a devastating earthquake calls for the action of civil protection forces specializing in rescue from the ruins - USAR teams, which at the site of the partially collapsed University Hospital face great challenges and threats, which can only be successfully solved by coordinated action of the entire civil protection system.

Exercise "Blato 2015" was also visited by Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić and Deputy Interior Minister Evelin Tonković.

Bandic stressed that it would be nice to continue "part of the action", "Nothing should surprise us", to unite all those who care about the safety of people, especially in certain weather conditions, such as summer fires or freezing in the winter. "Transferred to today's way" Nothing to surprise us "is a treatise of all components of civil protection of the city of Zagreb here at the University Hospital," he said.

Asked by the journalist whether Zagreb was ready in the event of a devastating earthquake, Bandic replied: "Do not let God happen something, but clearly, so everything is doing, investing both in technology and in people to react when something happens but before to prevent it from happening. The City of Zagreb has a public firefighter unit - through 450 professionals, we have the most modern technology and are ready to react at any time. We have a combined seven and a half thousand volunteer firefighters in the city of Zagreb. It's all a system of jokes, that every man in a certain way is in function against the inconvenience that can happen to us, "he said.

Deputy Interior Minister Evelin Tonkovic said the Blato 2015 exercise was in the interest of all citizens of Croatia to see synergies, the power of operational forces and to train for something unpredictable and something none of us knew if it would happen ". "Let God never happen," Tonkovic said.