In a festive atmosphere at the best European cinema, the Europa cinema in Europe, on Saturday 12. the fourteenth edition of the Zagreb Film Festival is open. On the eve of the screening of the film whose screening started the festival film program, the Finnish Oscar nominee "The happiest day in Ollija Mäkija's life", Festival Director Boris T. Matić and Executive Director Hrvoje Laurenta welcomed Culture Minister Nina Obuljen Koržinek and Assistant Mayor of the City of Zagreb Vesna Kusin, representatives of the City of Zagreb and the City Office for Education, Culture and Sport, representatives of the Croatian Audiovisual Center, numerous guests and guests, as well as representatives of the Croatian Telecom General Sponsor and other representatives, partners, sponsors and friends. The rumored audience, who for the first time watched the live streaming of the opening of the Zagreb Film Festival in Rijeka Art Cinema Croatia, was also greeted with the thunderous applause.
The official opening ceremony of the ZFF has also boosted the official award of the Europa Cinemas Europa Cinema Prize. Nina Peče Grilc, a member of the Board of Directors of Europa Cinemas and Director of Ljubljana's Cinematheque, presented this award to the director of cinema - director Boris T. Matic, executive director Hrvoje Laurenti, program coordinator Selmi Mehadžić and producer Lani Ujdur. This prestigious award, most of which a cinema can get at European level, is the popular Zagreb-based cinema in Warsaw, 3, which has taken on the fierce competition that seemed to be more than a 1000 vendor. "Good evening, dear guests and friends, on behalf of Europa Cinemas, the international network more than the bidding of European cinemas in more than four hundred cities and forty European countries that decided that Cinema Europa is the best cinema in the network for programming and promotion of European cinema. Let me, on behalf of Europa Cinemas, but on behalf of my colleague and friends from Slovenia, sincerely congratulate for this award, which is a recognition for your successful work on the European Film Promotion. Bravo cinema Europe! "Said Pece Grilc.
After the Deputy Mayor Vesna Kusin officially declared the Festival officially open with a solemn speech, another award was given: the traditional prize Albert Kapović, awarded each year by the Croatian Association of Producers, was awarded the winner of the first festival night. This year's winner is Ivan Maloča, a producer with more than a quarter of a century of professional experience and over thirty feature films and more than ten television series whose production is signed. The award was presented by Vanja Andrijevic, a member of the Commission of Croatian Producers' Association, and Ivan Maloča in his speech thanked the late founder of HAVC Alberto Kapović and his unremarkable work on the establishment of the institution and the promotion of Croatian cinematography.

The names of the festival awards, Golden Wheels and the Golden Bicycle will be known at the official closing of the ZFF on Saturday 19. November For the Golden Coach competes in a total of 33 films (in the categories of feature and short film and short film domestic achievements), while the new festival award, the Golden Bike, will get one of the films from the program Again with Us.