The Association of Associations and Trade Unions organize a protest action in the form of a visually-attractive performance "Youth for Workers' Rights" on Wednesday, 16.11. in front of the Government Building of the Republic of Croatia starting at 10 hours.

The performance plans are highlighting the fact that Croatia is in the European Union the recorder by number of employment determined at 2015. and point out the new amendments to the Labor Act announced by the new government, which they almost always point to for further restricting workers' rights.

This action is part of the action to accompany the protest action "Youth for Workers Rights" to be held by 17.11. in the 18 hours at the Victims' Square of fascism. This calls on all citizens and citizens who support the struggle for workers' rights to join them on Thursday.

They recall that young people in Croatia are among the biggest victims of the current economic situation. Unemployment and labor rights threatened almost 20% of young people at risk of poverty. Call for protest goes under the slogan "We young people from the new government are demanding to ensure the dignity of young workers and workers!"