After 45. years of existence the most famous and the largest domestic miniature tournament "Kutija šibica" gets its "most beautiful half" - Women's Tournament.

They have traditionally been November and December in Zagreb reserved for a mini-show called "Box of matches powered by CocaCola". The exception will not be even this year when the tournament, from 26. November to 30. December, held by 46. times. However, with the traditional senior and veteran tournament this year, we are also expecting the "Women's Tournament 2016 Box" for the first time. powered by CocaCola ".

While in the Senior and Veteran Tournament the team is made up of 5 players in the field and the 1 goalkeeper, in the women's tournament the team will play 4 players and 1 goalkeepers in the field. The women's tournament will be played with a ball size of 4, unlike senior and veteran where the size of the official 5 ball is.

As a representative of "Women's Tournament Box 2016 Box. powered by Coca-Cola "found the famous Croatian football coach Tihana Nemčić, pointing out:

"The box of matches is the most famous tournament in our country and the main mini-event in Christmas. I've been playing mini-tournaments since I was a 13-year-old girl ̶ from that in my native Križevci and all the way to the Box ̶ and I was always amazed by the moves of the malomogas. Of course, the opportunity I now have, that I am part of such a event, is a dream come true and I can not wait for the tournament to start, to gather as many teams as possible, to be cramped and to give my personal toys and in the uncertainty and positive excitement human contribution to the first edition of the female box of matches ".