With a ceremonial collection of sirens from all over Croatia 18. November will open 2. the Croatian Festival of Traditional Cheeses - SirCrofest, which aims to promote domestic production and position Croatian cheeses on the international market.
The event promoting the autochthonous Croatian cheeses is organized by the Advisory Service, the Croatian Agricultural Agency and the Association of Small Syrups of the Republic of Croatia with the sponsorship of the City of Zagreb and the financial assistance of the County of Zagreb.
In order to make Croatian cheeses cheaper and become recognizable on the European and world markets, it is intensely involved in joining the European Union. Within the two-day festival SirCrofest will be held educational workshops and exhibition-sales fair at Ban Josip Jelačić Square.

The second Croatian festival of traditional cheeses will be held by 18. and 19. November The first day is reserved for homemade siamese encounters and a debate on the protection of this food treasury at the Hotel Internationa. There will be small siras to discuss the protection of domestic brands and the further development of the cheese industry, and the second day of the festival at Ban Josip Jelačić SquareDurday day, 19 . November at the main Zagreb square, the public will have the opportunity to try homemade cheeses, buy their favorite species and participate in the prize game. The program starts at 9.00 hours in the morning and will last up to 15.00 hours.
you can try the finest dairy representatives of Our Beautiful.

The Association of Small Sirks of Croatia 'SirCro' in cooperation with the Advisory Service, Croatian Agricultural Agencies - and with the sponsorship of the City of Zagreb and the financial assistance of the County of Zagreb, is organizing the Second Croatian Festival of Traditional Cheeses in Zagreb.