Probably on Facebook you have a profile and you probably know the story of Mark Zuckerberg. But such a story is a lot. The story of the ideas from which big projects have come up are full. Maybe your minds have some ideas, and you do not know exactly how to begin with realization? Do not worry, it's just a workshop designed for you to create a product, brand or something else from the idea you want to fascinate if not the world, then closer to the environment.
At the workshop, you will learn how to turn ideas into an entrepreneurial venture, how to make a marketing plan, and brand a product, hear the experiences of entrepreneurs who have realized their ideas and ultimately how to get the resources to realize their future project. Workshop will be held 17.11. (Thursday) at 16.30 at the Center for Education and Counseling Sun, Albahari's 2. The workshop will be led by Maria Tomic Preiner, a graduate psychologist and social worker working on the implementation of his own start-up. You can sign up to 092 1710 140 or 3837- 873 or at All workshops are free and fined by the City of Zagreb.