We entered the Detoura week, although we can fully determine with full right that the whole 2016 is. was their year in which they successfully presented the new singer Gin Damjanovic and in which with the song 'I fell in love' they played all the top top lists. On Friday, 18.11. is expected to release their new, fourth album, 'DETOUR10', and a day later, on Saturday, 19.11. and a great celebration concert at the Great Factory of the Culture Factory, marking ten years of existence.
In Tvornica will be joined by guests, friends who cooperated in some time and were part of this popular electro acoustics group. The audience will have the opportunity to remind in one place of all the vocalists that have left their mark in the band, from Daria Iričanina, a collaborator from the Yammata period, Ines Tričkovic, to the longest and inevitable Maja Posavec.
For Detouro, the band's special standard setting will be boosted by percussions, blowers, strings and back vocals, and they are musicians: Ante Prgin Surka, Ozren Žnidarić, Andrej Jakuš, Dean Melki, Lucija Jakelić and Stanislav Kovačić.
Concert on Saturday, 19.11. The Culture Factory is designed as a music tour, where we travel 10 years with the long career of the band.
The audience at the repertoire concert can expect songs that make up their rich opus section through the three studio albums as well as the latest, with somewhat changed arrangements that will provide brand new and fresh reading of popular and lesser-known Detouro titles.
We do not doubt that this will be a real Saturday fever, where everyone on the spot can see what the Detour has been doing.
Buy your ticket at the price of 65 kn, until Friday at Aquarius Music Shop, Tvornica or at www.eventim.hr. On the day of the concert ticket price will be 90 kn.