The City of Zagreb and the Foundation Croatia's breathing house have launched one of the biggest humanitarian actions in Croatia called "Discover at Time", whose central part will mark the gala dinner on Thursday, 24. November 2016. year at the Crystal Hall of the Westin Hotel, starting at 19 hours. In addition to the chéf's specialties, the evening will be featured by renowned Croatian musician Gibonni, Italian operatic singer Rinalda Zuliani, novice quartet The Frajle and guest surprise, and students of the General Private Gymnasium from Zagreb will perform an occasional show.
Croatia is ranked at the second highest place in Europe by the number of people suffering from lung cancer, and the main stimulus to initiate the action is the fact that even 3000 is newly-born and almost the same number of deaths as that ill illness per year. The goal of this valuable action is to raise 15 million for the purchase of a new CT device for early diagnosis of cancer. "New generation CT will primarily provide smokers, as the most vulnerable group, enable screening and early diagnosis of lung diseases with a focus on lung cancer, and there is no one in Croatia. Most smokers stop smoking only when they are seriously ill or ill by some of their family or friends, and then it is too late. Responding to a humanitarian dinner as an important part of the "Discover on time" action, you are making a big step toward improving your overall health, but also to your close friends, "said Miroslav Samaržija, the founder of the Croatian House of Breathing Foundation. You can insure a place on a humanitarian gala evening in Westin via the Penta agency. doo, by paying to the account number HR0724020061000583785 or by contacting Jasenka Večetić on the number 091 2015 952. The price of a single ticket is 1000 kuna and is a direct donation for the purchase of a CT device. The action can also be made by paying a donation to the Croatian House of Breathing Foundation account at the number of the giro account of the action: HR3923600001501932633 (Zagrebačka banka) or by calling the 060 9006 phone number (call price 6,25 kn with PDV).